All Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations will be closed on Monday, September 1.
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What Can You Do with a Library Card?

What Can You Do
with a Library Card?

Click to Find Out:
Borrow from 62 Libraries!
Search our online catalog for books, DVDs, music CDs from 18 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations and from 44 Allegheny County libraries. You can have the material sent to the library nearest you and return it to any of these locations too! And you can check your library account online.
Surf the Internet
Use library computers to find information, stay connected to family and friends or create your own content. If you have your own laptop or mobile device, you can connect with our free WiFi.
My Account Login Features
Short on time?
Request a book online and have it delivered to the library closest to you. You'll get an email telling you when it's ready. Or reserve a title in advance and select when you want it to become active.
Track Your Reading History
In "My Account" you can track your reading history, like Goodreads, but nobody else can see it - if you can't remember the title of that book you checked out a year ago (or was it last week?) you can keep a record in your account. View a tutorial.
Write reviews
Loved it? Hated it? Give it a quick star rating in the catalog and let other people know. Or add a complete review.
Wish Lists
See a book you want, but don't have time to read it now? Add it to your wishlist in "My Account" so you don't forget. View a tutorial.
Preferred Searches
Want to know when a new book in your favorite subject area comes in? Run a search, save it in "My Account" and set up a weekly email alert.
Improve your Grades
Research your homework topics in a wide variety of online databases and encyclopedias. Use our Tools and Research section to find books and web resources on a variety of topics. Need more help? Try our Live Homework Help from every day from 3 to 10 pm.
Get Educated!
Attend The (free) People's University to learn something new. Expand your mind and shrink your budget by borrowing from our "free" collection!
Start a Business
Stop in at CLP - Downtown & Business or at CLP-Squirrel Hill's Namm Business Center to attend a business program or check out a book on starting your own business or writing a business plan.
Learn to Play an Instrument
We've got DVDs and music books to help you out. If you used to play an instrument in high school, we even have "I Used to Play" instruction books.
Get in Shape!
Whether you're interested in Yoga, Strength Training, Running or Walking, the library has both books and DVDs to get you started.
Find Your Ancestors
Come into the Pennsylvania Department for help and take out some books on genealogy.
Learn a Language
We've got instruction books and language courses on CD for many languages. If you can't make it to the library, check out our online language resources. We even have Muzzy for kids! And when you are ready to practice, come to one of our conversation clubs.
Check Out A Movie!
Borrow newly released DVDs or classic movies for FREE. We also have lots of foreign films, documentaries, TV series and Children's films. You can even download videos from home!
Listen to Music!
The Music Department has a fabulous collection of music CDs! Not just classical but rap, alternative rock, popular -- you name it. Or you can listen to Streaming Music anytime from the comfort of your home (jazz, classical, folk, contemporary, world).
Download eBooks for Free!
Got a Kindle? or other portable reading device? Check out the library's downloadable ebooks. We've got downloadable audiobooks as well.
Listen to a Book!
Can't read while you drive? Got to multitask? Come in and borrow an audiobook on CD. Almost all our bestsellers and many new books come in audiobook format. And if you can't get to the library, try our downloadable audiobooks.
Read to Your Kids...
or have them read to you. Bring your kids to the children's department of your library and peruse your favorite Dr. Seuss titles together. Get a board book for baby or a Ready-to-Read book for your new reader!
Read a Comic Book
Except now we call them "graphic novels", they're longer and it's OK for adults to read them too! And then you can join our Out of the Gutter Book Group!
Satisfy Your Manga Addiction
Browse our vast teen and adult manga collections. If reading manga isn't enough, check out our Anime DVDs. Teens, if you're still craving more, attend the monthly teen Anime Club at the Main Library!
Plan a Trip
Use our Rough Guides, Lonely Planet, Fodor's, Frommer's, Let's Go and Moon guidebooks to get started. Then expand your planning with walking, history, museum, shopping, restaurant, and customs & etiquette guides.
Explore a Cuisine
Check out a cookbook before you decide to buy it. We have loads and loads and loads of cookbooks of all kinds from all cultures.
Become a Vegan!
Eating fruits and vegetables can make you healthy! Eating them RAW is even better!
Learn a Craft
Save money and learn how to make clothes (and more) for yourself or your kids. Pick up a book on knitting, crocheting or sewing.
ReDecorate Your Home
Need some ideas to spruce up your living quarters? We've got books on bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and kids' rooms.
Decorate Your Yard
Go beyond that gas-guzzling lawn and put in a few trees, shrubs and native plants. You will be surprised at how beautiful natural landscaping can be!