Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest

The 2014 Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest is now closed for entries. All winners have been notified. For more information, contact ralphmunn@carnegielibrary.org.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest!

Short Prose

1st Place: "Weeping" by Tayde McDonald
2nd place: "Barb's Sheets" by Maia Rosenfeld

Honorable Mentions:
"Loose Fireflies" by Tiara Hurt
"Stockholm" by Giancarlo Riccobon
"Seven Days in a Silver Cage" by Morgan McKinney
"A Cave Life for Me" by Giancarlo Riccobon
"Lima Beans" by Jessica Morris
"Vanished" by Abbie Minard
"Spirits on the Line" by Julia Maruca
"The Choice" by Carrie Mannino
"The War of Broken Ties" by Gina Ruggieri
"A Litany of the Places Ian Macintosh Will Not Be Able to Visit Anymore" by Megan Walters
"Edwin" by Zachary Smolar
"A Few Simple Words" by Sophia Palmer
"Prison of Peace" by Sarah Parker
"The Skirt" by Mariam Shalaby
"Child Vanished While Playing in the Snow" by Madeline Colker
"Untitled" by Shaina Munin


1st Place: "Exodus" by Mayah El-Dehaibi
2nd Place: "The Summer of Lemons" by Eden Petri

Honorable Mentions:
"Ode to Snow Leopard, and His Tattoos" by Donovan Petri
"French Pineapple Sun" by Sophie Rodosky
"Salmon" by Maia Rosenfeld
"The Littlest Matryoshka" by Emily Watters
"13 Ways of Looking at a PAT Bus" by Victoria Cheng
"All Grown Up" by Maya Best
"Slipping" by Erica Chang
"A Year Ago at Mama Ros Sandwich Shop" by Donovan Petri
"Words" by Veronica Manning
"Stitches" by Amanda Talbot
"Where I'm From" by Emily Watters
"Spring" by Maya Best
"Under Construction" by Carrie Mannino
"Leather and Inkblots: Song of Myself" by Jayne Juffe
"Byrth-Albion" by Benjamin Smith
"13 Ways of Looking at Algebra" by Ruthanne Pilarski
"This Is About You, All 534 Miles of It" by Jessica Britton
"To the Florida Keys (and Floating Thai Food)" by Megan Walters
"Celestial Bodies" by Elisabetta Croce
"A Breath of Salty Spray" by Erica Chang
"old people" by Leah DeFlitch
"Maura's Sweater" by Jessica Morris
"Looking at Jaws" by Lily Buchanan
"Are You a Satanist?" by Mae Knight


1st Place: "Round 1" by Allison Dushack
2nd Place: "Now We Can Go" by John DeSantis

Honorable Mentions:
"Journeys, Endings, and New Beginnings" by Louis Suarez
"Untitled" by Robert Criss

Cover Art Contest

1st Place: Honesty LeGrande
2nd Place: Sara Starke

Look for the work of these writers in the 2014 Ralph Munn Creative Writing Anthology, available at Allegheny County public libraries August 2014.

Who is Ralph Munn?

And what does he have to do with creative writing?

Ralph Munn was the Director of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh from 1928 until his retirement in 1964. Among his accomplishments was the creation of a young adult reading room in 1929 which grew into the Colonel James Anderson room in the 1940s. An endowment fund created in 1964 honored Munn and provides support for young adults of Allegheny County by offering opportunities for creative writing through the Library.

Enter the Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest and have the chance to win cash and have your work published. Entries will be judged by local writers and professors.


Ask your librarian, call 412.578.2599 or email ralphmunn@carnegielibrary.org.