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Pittsburgh Concert Programs

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Music Department has a large collection of Concert Programs. These are not all in one location. They are in a few different collections based on how and when they were acquired by the Library. The collections include uncataloged programs held in the Music Department, cataloged and bound volumes, those included in scrapbooks in the Pittsburgh Music Archives, and those in the collection known as the Pittsburgh Music Information File. See below for more detailed descriptions of each collection or click on the links in the right hand sidebar.

Concert Programs in Vertical Files and Scrapbooks in the Music Department

The Music Department holds a large collection of uncataloged printed music programs from Pittsburgh dating back to the late 19th century. This collection is located either in a filing cabinet in the Music Department or three scrapbooks atop that file. In general, if the program is from before 1910, it will be located in one of the three scrapbooks, and after 1910 in the vertical file. The scrapbooks are organized by date, and the vertical file is organized by organization. You can view this entire collection by using the links below.

Concert Programs in the Catalog

There are many programs that have been bound and cataloged in our reference collection from the Pittsburgh Symphony, Pittsburgh Opera, Organ Artist Series, Y Music Society recitals and many more.

Subject Headings

Concert Programs in the Oliver Room

A number of scrapbooks located in The William R. Oliver Special Collections Room (The Oliver Room) also contain printed music programs but are not indexed.

Click here to see a table of what is housed in the Oliver Room.

Concert Programs in the Pittsburgh Music Archives

The Music Department maintains archival material from various sources, known collectively as the Pittsburgh Music Archives. The archives are housed in the Oliver Room and have finding lists. This list contains those that have included concert programs from various organizations:

Concert Programs in the Pittsburgh Music Information File

The Pittsburgh Music Information File contains a large collection of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and other ephemera. There are some concert programs in this collection under the names of specific venues, such as "Carnegie Music Hall" or under the names of specific organizations, such as "Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society."


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