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Online Subscription Programs

Interactive online language learning program for children. Languages include: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.
Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian and more or improve your ESL skills, with Mango's interactive web-based lessons.
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Remote access (CLP Card)
Interactive online language learning program for children. Languages include: French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Latin American or Castilian), and American or British English.
Overdrive also offers downloadable language programs. To access the free software, set up an account, and browse the collection of available OverDrive titles visit Overdrive.

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Audio Self-Instruction

All Audio Spanish
Emphasizing spoken communication, this Living Language set is designed to teach Spanish in 35 lessons without having to do any reading. Includes 6 sound discs and an accompanying book.
Berlitz Advanced Spanish
This advanced Spanish language program includes 3 sound discs and a coursebook.
Berlitz Deluxe Language Pack: Spanish
A comprehensive Spanish language course that takes learners at their own pace from the beginning through the intermediate level, developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Includes 3 basic level and 3 intermediate level audio CDs recorded by native speakers, basic and intermediate level course books, a bilingual dictionary, and 100 quiz cards with questions designed to test newly acquired language skills.
Berlitz Latin American Spanish Travel Pack
This single disc and phrasebook/dictionary set provides instruction in speaking and understanding Latin American Spanish, featuring words and phrases commonly used when traveling. Brush up before your trip.
Complete Spanish: The Basics
This Living Language introduction includes 3 CDs, a dictionary and a 372 page coursebook.
Mastering Spanish. Level 1
Developed by the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute for use in training diplomats, this comprehensive Spanish language program from Barrons helps users master grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills as they gain command of the spoken language. Includes 12 sound discs and a textbook.
Pimsleur Language Programs. Spanish II A
Pimsleur Language Programs. Spanish III A
Pimsleur Language Programs. Spanish III B
Each series contains 30 lessons on 9 sound discs. If you are serious about learning, try these.
TravelTalk Euro Spanish
If you are going to Spain, you might want to check this set out. It includes an instructional CD, a music CD (with Aranjuez), and a phrasebook. There is a similar set for traveling to Mexico.
Starting out in Spanish
A step-by-step 3-disc audio-only program from Living Language that uses listening and repetiton to teach basic Spanish.

Dictionaries / Vocabulary


Barron's Spanish-English Dictionary
PC4640.S593 2006
100,000 entries with examples. American English.
Larousse Concise Dictionary: Spanish English, English Spanish
PC4640.L38 2009x
Try out the dictionaries before you buy one! 90,000 entries
Savaiano, Eugene
Spanish Idioms
PC4460.S362 2007
These are the words and phrases that often are not in a dictionary but used all the time!

Online Dictionaries

  • Babylon Spanish Dictionary
    This free online dictionary is from, a provider of online and offline dictionaries and translation services. The definitions are quick and brief. There is also a downloadable version that is around $10/month or $99.
    This is a great site from Vox (publishers of Spanish language dictionaries) that will look up words in Spanish or give you synonyms/antonyms for Spanish words but will also translate from Spanish to English, French, and Catalan and vice versa. Unfortunately it is a subscription service after two free lookups.
  • Real Academia Española
    The Royal Spanish Academy of the Spanish language which dictates usage. It offers a "Diccionario de la lengua española", a Spanish to Spanish online dictionary.
  • Word Reference
    Online English/Spanish Dictionary. Also a Spanish/Spanish dictionary from the Diccionario de la lengua española © 2005 Espasa Calpe.

Spanish Grammar and Verbs


Berlitz 601 Spanish Verbs
Find all your irregular conjugations in this 734 book with accompanying CD-ROM.
Zayas-Bazán, Eduardo
Arriba!: Comunicación y Cultura
q PC4112.Z38 2008
A university textbook for learning Spanish. For fun, you can check out the companion website for the 3rd edition which includes practice quizzes.

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Subject Area LC Class
Spanish Language PC4001-4977
Spanish Literature PQ 6001
Spanish Language Conversation And Phrase Books English
Spanish Language Dictionaries English
Spanish Language Grammar
Spanish Language Self Instruction
Spanish Language Sound Recordings
Spanish Language Textbooks

Web Sites

  • BBC Languages: Spanish
    Includes a variety of courses of different levels, including "Talk Spanish", a language course for absolute beginners based on the BBC television series that can be used as a complement to the programmes or as a stand-alone resource. Requires Real Video and includes video clips with sound of native speakers using common phrases.
  • don Quijote: Lessons
    After free registration you can view their online lessons. Also sign up for their weekly newsletter with vocabulary and lessons.
  • Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial
    Good basic lessons in Spanish plus recommended books and audio, useful links.
  • Trabalenguas (Tongue Twisters)
    Spanish speakers love tongue twisters, sayings, proverbs and all sorts of word games.

Comprehensive Web Sites

  • FSI Language Courses – Free
    The FSI (Foreign Service Institute) language courses are arguably the best free language courses available anywhere. The FSI language courses cover over 40 languages from the most spoken in the world to some less well known ones. Some of the language learning material is a bit dated, but it is still possible for someone to learn a huge amount from this material This material is public domain, that means we have put it up at no costs, and with no commercials. Feel free to use and download the PDF files and audios on this page however you would like. All of these files are the original, and some of them are a bit old (over 30 years) so some of the information in them may be a bit out of date, but they are still the best free language courses you can find anywhere.
  • Colorín Colorado
    Colorín Colorado (este cuento se ha acabado) is a web-based service that provides information, activities, and advice for Spanish-speaking parents and educators of English language learners (ELLs).
  • Destinos
    This Spanish language learning site at Annenberg Media's, offers language learning videos online. Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses students in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.
    Run your searches for Spanish language resources on Spain's Google.
  • Quia! Spanish
    Online activities and games for learning Spanish.
  • Wikipedia Español
    Try the Spanish wikipedia for resources about Spain and Latin America and for resources in Spanish.

Audio: Listen to Spanish


News and TV

  • HTV
    This is the Latin version of MTV, presenting music videos of the Latin world. Their website includes video clips of the current popular performers.
  • El Mundo
    from Madrid, Spain. An online version of Madrid's daily newspaper.
  • El Nuevo Herald
    "El Nuevo Herald: Noticias de Cuba, Miami, Venezuela, Colombia, deportes, entretenimiento e inmigración." Practice your Spanish with this Spanish version of the Miami Herald.
  • Online Newspapers
    Links to newspapers around the world, including Central and South America
  • Telemundo
    One of major Spanish language television networks in the US. Available via cable in many locations and via satellite dish in the rest. Watching the "noticias" and "telenovelas" is a good way to practice your Spanish.
  • Terra
    This Spanish owned portal company offers portals for Spain and most Latin American countries. They are created in conjunction with the major local newspapers and so are full of content. Lycos is now part of Terra.
  • Univision
    Another of the major Spanish language television networks in the US. Check to see if your local cable or dish network offers it.
  • Weekly News Magazines
    Similar to Time and Newsweek, these magazines will give you a weekly summary of news events.
  • Yahoo! España
    Try out your Spanish on this site from the Yahoo! folks. It links primarily to web sites in Spain. Naturally most are in Spanish.

Books and Literature

Here is a selection of books and literary sites so that you can practice reading Spanish.


Culture & History

  • Accordion Dreams
    This companion website is for the PBS documentary, Accordion Dreams, which is a musical journey into the heart and soul of conjunto, a unique musical tradition (Conjunto) born in 19th century Texas that continues to thrive today.
  • Don Quijote
    Don Quijote offers Spanish language programs in Spain but their website also has cultural information on Spain, including fiestas and bullfights.
  • LIBRO: The Library of Iberian Resources Online
    LIBRO is a joint project of the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain and the University of Central Arkansas. Its task is to make available to users the best scholarship about the peoples and nations of the Iberian peninsula with a book list principally drawn from recent, but out-of-print university press monographs.
  • The Visual Front: Posters of the Spanish Civil War
    These are from the collection at the University of California at San Diego. Each poster is accompanied by a fairly detailed and lengthy annotation so that helps one understand the situation.

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