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2012 Featured Collections

December: eResources

Explore Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's virtual library - enjoy downloadable books, movies and movies - right at your fingertips. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and take the full library experience with you everywhere you go with our very own app!


November: Job & Career Resources

Strive for Success!
Looking to expand or possibly change your career? At Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh you can pick up a book on career exploration, join a job club, update your résumé and computer skills and ask a librarian to help you navigate your job search.


October: Resources for Teachers & Parents

Children Deserve the Best!
Playing and learning can go hand-in-hand. Discover Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's wide variety of parent and teacher resources - from creative lesson plans to literacy activities - and create a fun and constructive learning environment for the children in your life.


September: It's Your Voice

With the presidential elections peering around the corner, the future of our country is in your hands! Make sure you're registered to vote. Then, navigate the election process and candidate choices with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's extensive collection of voter resources.


August: What Can You Do with a Library Card?

With so many benefits of having a library card, the question is why wouldn't you have one? One card gets you access to a ton of free stuff!


June & July: Summer Reading

Join our summer reading programs for Kids (Dream Big!), Teens (Own the Night), and Adults (Between the Covers).


May: Who Do You Think You Are?

Uncover your own family secrets at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Comb through our extensive genealogy resources to investigate your family's history and find out once and for all if grandpa's tall tales are true!


April: How Poetic

Robert Frost once said, "A complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found the words." Check out Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh during National Poetry Month for words of life, love and wisdom.


March: March Madness

Jump on the sports bandwagon with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's collection of books and DVDs. Impress your friends with trivia, take up a new activity (may we suggest curling) and relive the achievements of the world's greatest athletes.


February: Celebrate Black History Month

Explore the heritage and contributions of Pittsburgh's African-American community through literature, historical images and plays by local playwright, August Wilson.


January: How Will it End?

Throughout history philosophers, authors and movie directors have predicted what a post-apocalyptic world would look like. Is the clock ticking on humanity? Check out Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's book and video collection and judge for yourself.


2011 Featured Collections

December: Home for the Holidays

There is nothing quite like spending time with family members - no matter how quirky you think they are. Increase your holiday joy with heartwarming and humorous stories, movies and music from the collections at Carnegie of Pittsburgh.


November: Salty, Sweet and Oh So Good!

So, the smoke detector goes off every time you make dinner. Warm up your culinary skills and learn to cook like a master chef with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's collection of cookbooks and videos. Your stomach (and the fire department) will thank you!


October: Things That Go Bump in the Night

It's probably just your imagination… or is it? As the weather chills, turn to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for spooky mysteries and horror classics that will make you sleep with the lights on!


September: Library Love

Show the world your love! See how activists are making the world a better place, and let their stories inspire you to turn your passion for supporting good causes (like Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh) into action.


August: Novel Destinations

Adventure to another time and your leisure, under the shade. Find stories of love, mystery, courage, spirituality and reflection - and bring faraway places to your own back yard with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's fiction collection.


July: U R Here

Find yourself and the inspiration to make the most of your life at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Explore the journals of young people like Anne Frank, Ma Yan, and Mark Pfetzer, who recorded their personal journeys of hardship, growth and self-discovery, or learn how to begin your own journal.


June: One World, Many Stories

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours? Embrace the diversity and individuality that make each of us unique through Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's book, music and DVD collections.


May: It's Not Just Science Fiction.

If NASA space shuttle Discovery's humanoid robot could read, it would check out science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) resources at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. You should, too!


April: Leave the World a Better Place

Sustainability - it's a current buzzword, but what does it really mean? Find topics ranging from farming to pollution, pollination to D-I-Y crafts at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and learn what small things you can do today to reduce your environmental impact.


March: Cabin Fever

Does winter weather have you feeling a bit blue? Cheer up at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh! Read a book, surf the Web or browse our vast collection to find the perfect cure for your cabin fever.


Febrary: Forces of Nature

When, where, why and how do natural disasters occur? Explore Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, where learning about hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis and tornadoes is a breeze!


January: And the Winners Are...

Visit Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh this month to learn which books, movies and music received the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's staff stamp of approval, were customer favorites and won the hearts of critics.