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Books That Make You Go "Eeeew!"

Burgess, Anthony
A Clockwork Orange
The classic tale of urban depravity, with a social cure more shocking than the disease.
Hardy, Robin and Anthony Shaffer
The Wicker Man
A missing girl, a close-knit group of islanders, and a thoroughly baffled policeman are the key elements of this horror favorite.
Ligotti, Thomas
My Work is Not Yet Done
Corporate America is even scarier than it sometimes appears.
Reed, Kit
Thinner Than Thou
A disturbing tale set in a universe where being overweight is both a crime and a sin.
Tryon, Thomas
Harvest Home
Don't fear the villagers. They're quite nice. Really.
Welsh, Irvine
Marabou Stork Nightmares
An unreliable narrator spins a feverish yarn of gruesome fantasy and fact.