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Christian Mysteries

Hannah Alexander
A physician begins a new life on a Missouri farm.
Terri Blackstock
Line of Duty
A lawyer is trapped in a building that is under attack.
Ron and Janet Benrey
Humble Pie
Clues to a speechwriter's murder are elusive.
Terri Blackstock
River's Edge
A mayoral campaign and a missing woman are part of the suspense in this third installment of the Cape Refuge series.
Colleen Coble
Beyond a Doubt
A widow is drawn into a missing persons investigation.
Colleen Coble
Without a Trace
The first book in the Rock Harbor series, this combines romance, mystery and spirituality in one.
Ted Dekker
A seminary student is given three minutes to confess his sins or suffer dire consequences.
Ted Dekker
The final installment of the trilogy including Black and Red.
Kristen Heitzmann
The new owner of a California villa discovers it has a mysterious past.
Dee Henderson
True Honor
A retired spy for the CIA is pulled back into active duty after the September 11th tragedy.
Randy D. Singer
Directed Verdict
A legal thriller concerning a missionary's death in Saudi Arabia.
Randy D. Singer
Dying Declaration
An evangelical Christian couple attempt to heal their son's illness through prayer alone and face the legal consequences.
Suzanne M. Wolfe
A woman undergoes spiritual healing while working on an art restoration program in Rome.