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Chick Lit That Bites

Vamp it up with these paranormal romances!

Acosta, Marta
Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
While trying to make connections in the literary world, Milagro finds herself swept up in the affairs of a snobbish vampire clan.
Hallaway, Tate
Tall, Dark and Dead
Carnet's got her hands full running a bookstore. She doesn't need a vampire lover, too. Or does she?
Raye, Kimberly
Sucker For Love: A Dead-End Dating Novel
Lil Marchette, fashionista and founder of the hippest dating service for the undead in New York City, is tangled in her own romance with hunky bounty hunter Ty Bonner while trying to keep her clients happily hooked up. As if that weren't enough, Lil must fight a gorgeous 800-year-old warlock to save Esther, one of Lil's curvy clients, while dealing with a meddling mother.
MacAlister, Katie
In the Company of Vampires
Francesca Ghetti began a relationship at age 16 with vampire Benedikt when he claimed she was the key to redeeming his soul. Fran has matured since their breakup-or so she thinks, until she sees him with his new girlfriend at the Goth-faire. However, saving her mother from Loki, the trickster god, and dealing with shapshifters and Viking ghosts distracts her from nursing her broken heart.
Neill, Chloe
Some Girls Bite
As a Chicago graduate student, Merit was much more worried about her thesis than about vampires. When one bloodsucker wants to make a meal out of her, he is scared off by Ethan Sullivan, the lord of Cadogan House, who changes her to save her life. Unfortunately, the delectable, green-eyed vampire expects her servitude as thanks. Tension continues to build as Merit realizes that although she's immortal, someone still wants her dead.
Cabot, Meg
What could be more complicated than a love triangle involving Meena Harper, a soap-opera writer with the uncanny ability to foresee deaths, Lucien Antonescu, ruler of the vampires and promoter of human-vampire peace, and Alaric, the captain of the Palatine Guard, a Vatican run team of vampire assassins?