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African American Mysteries

Want to learn more about African American mysteries? From bomb-defusing journalists to investigators descended from Voodoo Queens, these books have it all!

Anthony, Mark
Reasonable Doubt
Katrina Easely's boyfriend is always into trouble and she finds herself estranged from her friends and family in defending him. But what will she do when he shoots a cop? Suddenly they're running from the Feds, and Katrina must decide what she really wants.
Carter, Stephen L.
New England White
When a brilliant black faculty member is murdered, old issues of race in the town of Elm Harbor begin to resurface. Furthermore, the motive has political ties that reach all the way up to the United States president.
Henry, Angela
Diva's Last Curtain Call
Kendra Clayton's spring break turns sour when her sister finds a dead woman's body and becomes the prime suspect. Kendra needs to solve the crime to save her sister, whom she knows is innocent, and maybe to save herself, as she might become the next victim. A suspenseful Hollywood mystery!
Joe, Yolanda
Video Cowboys
Georgia Barnett, TV journalist, is taken hostage by an angry father whose daughter has gone missing. Did I mention he has a bomb? Georgia agrees to search for the girl herself to win her own freedom, and with the help of a gang of cameramen who want to help, sets out to solve the mystery, as well as defuse the bomb!
Mosley, Walter
Blonde Faith
Veteran mystery writer Mosley's detective, Easy Rawlins, finds himself caring for his missing friend's child while he searches for his missing friend. In his quest to solve the mystery, Easy experiences a progression of maturity in his own life, as well as a new romance.
Rhodes, Jewell Parker
Voodoo Season
A Young medical resident in New Orleans investigates the murders of several pregnant, biracial women. In the process, she learns she is descended from a Voodoo queen and begins to have other-worldly experiences. This is the first book in a trilogy.
Wesley, Valerie Wilson
When Death Comes Stealing
This is the first in a series of mysteries starring Tamara Hayle, an ex-cop. She is trying to stop a murderer who is killing young boys, and her son could be the next victim. The action is set in gritty Newark, New Jersey, and the suspense never lets up.
Wimberley, Darryl
Pepperfish Keys
In this Florida crime novel, black detective Barrett Raines holds a higher position than most blacks in this town full of sleazy politicians and thugs. He teams up with a local television reporter to investigate the murder of the senator's daughter in this hardboiled tale.
Woods, Paula L.
Strange Bedfellows
Homicide detective Charlotte Justice returns to solve a cold case where a prominent businessman, his wife, and two business associates were shot. The initial suspect has resurfaced, but is now in a coma. This bizarre case gets even more bizarre as Charlotte fights to learn the truth.

Updated: November 26, 2008