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African American Fiction

Explore titles that represent the variety of contemporary African American experience.

Briscoe, Connie
Sisters and Husbands
Beverly is engaged to be married to a wonderful man, but thinking back on the collapsed marriages of her sisters she begins to get cold feet.
Jackson, Brenda
A Silken Thread
Erica and Brian are in love and feel they are perfect for each other, but Erica's mother disagrees and hires someone to investigate Brian's past.
Johnson, Mat.
Former professor Chris Jaynes sets off on an Antarctic expedition to find the island in Edgar Allen Poe's only novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.
Mason, J.D.
Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
Charlotte Rodgers must confront a nightmare from her past without the support of her three daughters.
Mosley, Walter
When the Thrill is Gone
Because he can't turn down the money, private investigator Leonid McGill takes on a case he knows might put his life in danger.
Perrin, Kayla
Winter Break
A cruise for a group of friends on the Caribbean turns ugly when someone mysteriously goes overboard.
Price-Thompson, Tracy
My Blue Suede Shoes
In each of four novellas, women find themselves in the frightening world of domestic violence, with hope appearing as a pair of shoes.
Weber, Carl
The Choir Director
The new, handsome choir director wants to do more with the ladies of the congregation than direct their voices.