The Labsy Awards

The Labsy Awards

The Labs @ CLP are pleased to announce the 2014 Labsy Awards winners!

1st Place: Joe Jarski, Old Denim
2nd Place: Daniel Leapman, Let You In

Graphic Design
1st Place: Lexi Hall, Mushroom
Graphic Design - Lext Hall, Mushroom- First Place

2nd Place: Corral Summer, Blink

1st Place: Sam Carlin, Murica Runs on Duncun
2nd Place: Ceu Gomez-Faulk, Range Finder

Video 1st Place: Martin Taylor, The Attic
2nd Place: Morgan Wable-Keene, Chronology
Special Production Award: The Crew of Chairpocalypse: Never Say Never Say Never

Western PA Photo Contest
1st Place: Syndara Martin
Western Pa Photo Contest - Syndara Martin - First Place

2nd Place: Asher Byrne
Western Pa Photo Contest - Asher Byrne - Second Place

The Labsy Awards