Relationships and Romance

Brothers and Sisters
Sometimes they're great. Sometimes they're soooo annoying. But can you imagine life without them? These books are all about the problems brothers and sisters can cause -- or solve.
Girl Power! Fiction about Strong Women
These books show that girls can accomplish anything.
Girl Power! Nonfiction about Strong Women
Learn about some amazing real women in these nonfiction books.
Love All Around
Love can be fun, painful, frightening, and exciting. But it's rarely simple. Join these characters as they all strap themselves in for a roller coaster ride.
Out of the Closet
Fiction featuring gay and lesbian characters.
Romance Through the Years
True love is timeless. These books prove love, heartbreak and happy endings have existed far longer than you or me.
The Teenaged Girl's Guide to Love, Romance and Friendship
Finding love is harder than you might think. These books will help teenage girls navigate the rocky roads of romance.
Vampires: Bloodsucking Fiends?
Have you read all the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer? Are you looking for more blood-sucking goodness while you wait for Breaking Dawn? This is the list for you!
Winter Wonderland
It's cold outside, so stay warm with a good book! These titles have a little bit of everything, from snow-kissed romance to alpine survival.