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These oral histories are the work of Duquesne University students in Professor Joseph Rishel's Summer 2000 graduate colloquium, "War and Conflict."

Students contributing were:

  • Anthony Todd Carlisle
  • Paul-James Cukanna
  • Catherine Carr Fitzwilliams
  • William L. Hoon
  • Mark Kernion
  • Jacqueline McDonough
  • Kenneth D. Mann
  • Joelle Kirch Preksta
  • Anthony S. Reto
  • Kenny Roberson
  • Jane C. Viehman

The Pennsylvania Department, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, which is a center for research on Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania history, and which provides extensive resources for genealogical investigation, agreed to put these oral histories, recounting Western Pennsylvania's involvement in World War II, online.

It is only regretted that but a mere suggestion of the resources available in the Pennsylvania Department's collections, annotating and amplifying these oral histories, has been presented online. Even if, as in a few cases, citations alone to newspaper articles were offered, the number of links for these 25 individual stories would exceed 150 and each of those links, on average, would contain between five and 25 separate references.

As indicated by the list of available subject headings specific to World War II, and, additionally, by the over 160 file cabinet drawers crammed with information about Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania, there is a wealth of information to explore in the Pennsylvania Department.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh invites you, after reading these dramatic, patriotic and frequently humorous stories of the "greatest generation," to explore further the riches of its collections.

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