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United Presbyterian Orphans' Home

Established - 1878
Closed - 1956-1960 ?
1st site - 93 Webster Street (Allegheny City)
2nd site - Taggart Street
3rd site - Sherman Avenue
4th site - West Jefferson and Monterey Streets (1880)
5th site - Valencia/Mars (Butler County) (1929)
Also Known As:
United Presbyterian Home for Destitute Children
United Presbyterian Home for Children
Mars Home for Youth
Dr. James M. Fulton - Fourth United Presbyterian Church of Allegheny
Sponsoring Agency:
United Presbyterian Women's Association of North America
In 1929 MHY moved to its present location on 140 acres in southwest Butler County. In the 1950's the home was renamed the United Presbyterian Home for Children as its emphasis began to change from caring for orphans to caring for children from broken homes.
During the 1970s the agency once again shifted its focus to the ever-changing needs of children and began focusing on caring for the special needs of troubled and abused children and youth. MHY was reincorporated in 1996.
Location of Records:
Mars Home for Youth
521 Route 228, Mars, PA 16046;
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Pittsburgh Photographic Library (Social Services - 2)
1895 Greater Pittsburg Handbook
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History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (1889), pp. 60-61
United Presbyterian Orphans' Home, 1920

United Presbyterian Orphans' Home, 1920