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St. Joseph's Protectory for Homeless Boys

Established - April 19, 1893
Closed - 1950-56 ?
1st site - Vine Street (Hill District)
2nd site - 552 Vallejo Street
3rd site - 552 Protectory Place
Also Known As:
Bishop Richard Phelan
Sponsoring Agency:
Franciscan Brothers
Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes
Diocesan Clergy
Industrial home for boys.
The first trade, printing, was introduced in 1896.
In 1904, Catholic children were removed from non-Catholic institutions and placed either in St. Joseph's Protectory or St. Paul's Orphan Asylum.
Location of Records:
At least some of the records of the St. Joseph's Protectory are held by the Catholic Archives. These include a list of the boys, plus physical description, training, reason for entrance to the home, and where they worked following release.
Archives & Record Center Diocese of Pittsburgh
1010 McNeilly Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone 412-456-3158 email:
PA Department Vertical Files (Orphanages)
1895 Greater Pittsburg Handbook
1933 Directory of Social Agencies
1943 Directory of Social Resources
1950 Directory of Community Services
Catholic Pittsburgh's One Hundred Years, pp. 55, 63, 182-83, 185