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St. Anthony's Village Orphanage

Established - 1921
Closed - 1953
1st site - Hulton Road (Oakmont)
Also Known As:
St. Anthony School for Exceptional Children (1953)
St. Anthony School Programs (1992)
Father Boniventure Piscopo
Italian Language parishes
Sponsoring Agency:
Missionary Zelatrices of the Sacred Heart
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
For orphans of Italian heritage.
Location of Records:
Archives & Record Center Diocese of Pittsburgh
1010 McNeilly Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone 412-456-3158 email:
PA Department Vertical Files (Orphanages)
1933 Directory of Social Agencies
1943 Directory of Social Resources
1953 Community Services Directory
1968 Directory of Health and Welfare Services
Catholic Pittsburgh's One Hundred Years, pp. 119, 158