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Pittsburgh Newsboys Home

Established - 1888
Closed - 1950
1st site - Forbes Avenue and High Street
2nd site - Old Avenue and Shingiss Street (1895)
3rd site - Grant and Webster Streets - Grace Church
4th site - Stevenson and Locust Streets
5th site - Gross Street and Winebiddle Avenue (Friendship)
6th site - 5533 Ellsworth Avenue
Also Known As:
Kay House
Branch: Kay Boys' Club (est. 1931 - 2038 Bedford Avenue ; 1908 Wylie Avenue
Branch: Shadyside Boys' Club (est. 1950)
Branch: Kay and Shadyside Boys' Clubs (est. 1960 - 5512 Brownell Street - Shadyside)
Thomas P. Druitt - printer
Sponsoring Agency:
Pittsburgh Newsboys' Home, Inc.
Between 1943 and 1947, became known as Kay House.
Location of Records:
Some boys are named in the Vertical File articles.
PA Department Vertical Files (Orphanages)
Pittsburgh Photographic Library (Social Services - 13)
1895 Greater Pittsburg Handbook
1943 Directory of Social Resources
1947 Directory of Community Services
1950 Directory of Community Services
Pittsburgh News-Boys Home

Pittsburgh News-Boys Home