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Pittsburgh Florence Crittenton Home and Rescue Association

Established - March 18, 1895
Closed - 1975
1st site - 3 Wylie Avenue
2nd site - 15 Wylie Avenue
3rd site - Center avneue
4th site - Overhill Street
5th site - 1852 Center Avenue (1903)
6th site - 535 South Aiken Avenue (1927)
Also Known As:
Florence Crittenton Home
Charles N. Crittenton - in memory of his daughter - national
James K. Bakewell - Pittsburgh
Sponsoring Agency:
East End Ministerial Association
Women's Christian Temperance Union
To provide a home and to extend helping hands and Christian kindness to erring and friendless women - 1908.
Location of Records:
PA Department Vertical Files (Unwed Mothers)
1895 Greater Pittsburg Handbook
Directory of the Philanthropic Agencies of the City of Pittsburgh (1908, 1913, 1917) **(r361 K27)**
Directory of the Philanthropic, Social and Civic Agencies of the City of Pittsburgh (1923, 1928) **(r361 K27)**
1943 Directory of Social Resources
1968 Directory of Health and Welfare Services
Fifty Years' Work with Girls, 1883-1933: A Story of the Florence Crittenton Homes, pp. 410-415