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Industrial Home for Crippled Children / The Children's Institute

Established - 1902
Closed -
1st site - Margaretta and Beatty Streets (old William Thaw estate)
2nd site - 1426 Denniston Avenue (Squirrel Hill) (1907)
3rd site - 6301 Northumberland Street
Also Known As:
Industrial Home for Crippled Children (1907)
Home for Crippled Children (1958)
Rehabilitation Institute of Pittsburgh (1981)
The Children's Institute
Mary Irwin Laughlin Houghton (Mrs. Frederick O.)
Sponsoring Agency:
Founded in memory of Mrs. Houghton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin B. Laughlin.
Moved to the Denniston site and changed name to Industrial Home for Crippled Children in 1907.
Some of the children attended the Colfax School.
Location of Records:
The Children's Institute
1405 Shady Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone: 412-420-2400
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Annual Reports (1919 - 1937) for the Industrial Home for Crippled Children