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Children's Temporary Home and Day Nursery

Established - April 24, 1877
Closed - 1933-1937
1st site - 136 Centre Avenue
2nd site - 2044 Centre Avenue
3rd site - 1315 Liverpool Street
Also Known As:
Improvement Children's Home (1916)
Sponsoring Agency:
Pittsburgh Association for the Improvement of the Poor (1875)
Its purpose was to provide a temporary home and day nursery for destitute and neglected children. Accepted girls from ages 2 - 12 and boys from 2 - 10 years.
Location of Records:
1895 Handbook of Greater Pittsburg, p. 12 **(r917.4886 K17)**
Directory of Institutions in Pennsylvania, 1916 **(r917.4886 P3993)**
Directory of the Philanthropic Agencies of the City of Pittsburgh, 1908, 1913, 1917, 1923, 1928
1933 Directory of Social Agencies **(r361 D62)**