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Curtis Home for Destitute Women and Girls

Established - March 9, 1895
Closed - 1953-1956 ?
1st site - 2541 Breckenridge Avenue
2nd site - 1136 Western Avenue (Allegheny City) 1923
3rd site - 208 South Negley Avenue
Also Known As:
Morehead Women's Christian Temperance Union (1895)
Curtis Home for Destitute Women and Girls (1897)
Curtis Home for Women and Children (1904)
Curtis Home for Girls (1933)
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Sponsoring Agency:
Chartered in 1895 by nine Allegheny City women.
The title name was adopted in 1897.
Temporary home for destitute women and children; non-sectarian.
Later served as a home chiefly for girls from 4-16. (1923)
When the home no longer served its stated purpose in the 1950s, it was closed. The assets were liquidated and a fund was established with The Pittsburgh Foundation. The fund today is designated for similar work as that of the Curtis Home, supporting programs for unwed mothers and providing a place to live for young working women in the City of Pittsburgh.
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