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Boys' Industrial Home of Western Pennsylvania

Established - Janaury 29, 1901
Closed - 1972
1st site - Euclid Avenue (Allegheny City)
2nd site - 320 Hastings Avenue (Oakdale)
Also Known As:
Rev. J.W. Cleland (d. 1922)
Sponsoring Agency:
United Presbyterian Church
Location in Oakdale was the former Oakdale Academy.
Farm land was added through the purchase of the Watters farm and the Oak Ridge farm.
Caring for homeless boys (8-16); providing them a home and education.
Archives of Industrial Society, University of Pittsburgh, has annual reports: HV995 .O25 B69
Location of Records:
PA Department Vertical Files (Orphanages ; Youth Centers)
1916 Directory of Institutions in Pennsylvania **(r361 P3993)**
1933 Directory of Social Agencies **(r361 D62)**
1937 Directory of Social Agencies **(r361 D62)**
1968 Directory of Health and Welfare Services **(r361 D62)**