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Elementary Lesson Plan


Cox, Judy
My Family Plays Music
A musical family with talents for playing a variety of instruments enjoys getting together to celebrate.
Johnson, Angela
Violet's Music
From the days she banged her rattle in the crib, Violet has been looking for friends to share her love of music.


Percussion - (noun) the section of a band or orchestra which includes drums, cymbals, tambourines, triangles, bells, wind chimes, vibes and xylophones



"Musical Scavenger Hunt"


Gather common objects found in a classroom (pencils, rulers, books, paper, etc.). Give each child an object and ask them to create some sounds with them. Organize the children into small groups and encourage each group to create a song. Allow each group to present their song in front of the class.


"Conductor Says"

2009 Summer Library Program Manual

Play a quick game of "Simon Says" substituting "conductor" for "Simon". Have the motions all be playing instuments such as "play the piano," "blow your horn," or "play the drums".


"Drum Shaker"

2009 Summer Library Program Manual

You will need for each child:
  • an empty, cleaned plastic individual serving snack cup such as fruit or pudding
  • 9 inch round balloon
  • dried beans
  • thin craft ribbon
  • pony beads
To do ahead:
  • cut the necks off the balloons so they will slip over the snack cup
  • cut the ribbon into foot-long pieces
What you do:
  1. Drop a few dried beans inside the snack cup to make a shaker.
  2. Cover the top opening of the cup with the balloon.
  3. Tie some ribbon around the neck of the cup.
  4. Roll the cut ends of the balloon up over the ribbon for a more finished look.
  5. String some pony beads on the two ends of the tied ribbon. Knot the ends of the ribbon to secure the beads.
  6. Shake and sing!