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BLAST Early Learning Teacher Spotlight:
Print Awareness

Print awareness is noticing print in the environment, knowing how to handle a book, and understanding how to follow the words on a page.

Print awareness refers to a child's developing understand of the writing system. It includes the understanding of things such as: how to hold a book that print in English runs from top to bottom and left to right across a page, the functions of written language such as what a menu is for, and the ability to name letters of the alphabet. Knowledge of print is half the equation of the writing code. Children need to know how print works if they are going to be able to link units of sound to units of print.

Sample Activities:

  • Run your finger under the title and repeated phrase.
  • Write out rhymes and songs for children to see.
  • Talk about the print in the environment.
  • Use nametags for children and adults.
  • Include books with writing as part of the story.
  • Point out interesting endpapers.
  • Point out when pictures show signs or print around them.
  • Allow participants to write their own names (legible or not).