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BLAST Early Learning Teacher Spotlight:
Narrative Skill

Narrative skill is the ability to describe things and events and to tell stories.

There is a strong relationship between spoken language and written language. Once printed words are recognized, text comprehension depends heavily on the reader's oral language abilities. Language development in preschoolers is related to later reading achievements. A number of studies support these conclusions by demonstrating a positive correlation between oral skills and reading. In short, the children who have larger vocabularies and a better understanding of spoken language have higher reading scores.

Sample Activities:

  • Take time before the book to describe an unfamiliar word.
  • Have children and adults say repeated words along with you as you read the book.
  • Have children do a motion as they repeat a phrase along with you as you read a book.
  • Use a book used previously but with a different theme to bring out different aspects of the story.
  • You may use fewer books and expand on them more.
  • Retell a story with puppets, flannel board, props, and/or creative dramatics.
  • Allow time for children to talk about the theme.
  • Demonstrate dialogic reading.