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BLAST Early Learning Parent Spotlight:
Social Health

In order to ensure healthy social situations for our children, parents and caregiver can guide children through positive environments.

  • Give your child a mirror and ask him or her to describe what they see. Ask, “What shape are your eyes? What color is your hair?”
  • Make a height chart with paper. Place paper against the wall or door and ask your child to stand with his or her back against the paper. Mark the height and write the date by it. Try this again in three months and see if there is a change.
  • Cut out pictures from magazines and place them in a box. Have your child pull out one of the pictures and tell a story of what you think is happening in the picture.
  • Sometimes children find it easier to talk if they are doing it through a puppet. Have some happy puppets, some sad puppets, and some silly puppets. You can make them out of paper bags or socks. Ask your child to choose the puppet that is the same as they are feeling today and have them talk about their day.
  • Have a board where your child can keep memories of exciting events that has happened to him or her.
  • Ask your child his or her preferences and likes and dislikes.
  • Use your child’s name often when speaking to him or her.
  • Be supportive of your child and give him or her lots of affection.
  • Talk about yourself and listen as your child talks about him or herself.
  • Invite another child to your home to play with your child.
  • Encourage your child to verbalize his or her needs.
  • Ask your child’s opinions often.