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BLAST Early Learning Parent Spotlight:

Math is easily broken down to the ability to discover number and pattern concepts. You can help your child with these developmental skills with the items you see every day.

  • Play shape hunt with your child. Tell your child you have found a circle in the room and ask him/her if they could find it. Do the same with colors.
  • Sing simple counting songs and rhymes with your child. Fingers and toes are easy to count with.
  • Encourage your child to count items around your house. Count the stairs, the windows, etc.
  • Go to the library and check out books about numbers or counting.
  • Use objects to make patterns with your child. Lay out a spoon, another spoon, and a cup in a row and ask your child to make the same pattern. You could also try “black sock, white sock, black sock,” and see if your child can tell you what’s next.
  • During bath time use different sized plastic cups and containers to measure water. Talk about which cup holds more or less? Find out how many small cups are needed to fill big cup.
  • Prepare a meal with your child. Show how to measure different ingredients using a measuring cup or spoon.
  • Play "store" with your child. Use play money to pay for items. Talk about how much things cost.
  • Play "Where Is It?" Ask your child where you find objects in your home. Use prepositions such as under, below, over, above, on, and before to describe locations. "Where is the tissue box?" “It is on the table.”
  • Play the counting game. Ask your child to find specific amounts of different items you describe. For example, "Find 4 coins and 3 crayons.”