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BLAST Early Learning Parent Spotlight:
Language and Literacy

Parents are in the best position to support early readers. You may not be teaching your children to read; but building the foundation for reading so that the process of learning to read will be easier.

  • Recite tongue twisters and laugh about how they were difficult to say. (“Susie sells sea shells by the sea shore.”).
  • Read stories that make use of rhyme. Have your child predict what the rhyming word will be: "Betty cannot find her shoe. She said its color was _____."
  • Sing silly songs that repeat sounds, twist sounds around, or rhyme.
  • Talk about favorites. What is your favorite food, color, toy or TV show? What are your child’s favorites? Talk about the things you both like.
  • Talk to your child about how to care for books. Turn the pages gently and, together, find a special place to keep books at your house.
  • Notice when your child’s name and a friend’s name begin the same.
  • Ask your child to tell you a story. Write down some of the words on a blank piece of paper. Give your child the paper and crayons and ask him to draw the story.
  • Read out loud every day.
  • Go to books to answer questions the two of you have.
  • Write with your child. Let him or her dictate messages for you to write, and let your child make his or her own attempts at writing.
  • Use a lot of language when talking with your child. They will pick up new vocabulary words through conversation.