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ADOLPH M. FOERSTER (1854 - 1927)

Scrapbook, Volume 5

Location: Oliver Room, Pittsburgh Music Archives, qr 780 S43, Volume 5

  1. From The Pittsburgh Dispatch beginning August 1900. Written for The Dispatch by Mrs. Henry B. Birch.

    1. First article under date of August 12, 1900: Musical Successes of Old Pittsburgh.

      1. Subheadings:
        • Comprehensive Review of the More Particular Events Leading to the Rise, Growth and Development of Musical Talent in This City.
        • Reminiscences of the Efforts of 30 Years.
        • The First of a Series of Historical Articles Treating of Musical Pittsburgh from the Time of the Cantata Society to the Present Day.
        • Account of the Organization of the Gounod Club in 1872.

      2. Photographs of persons discussed:
          Clement Tetedoux, Carl Retter, Chas. C. Mellor, Henry Kleber, Mrs. Henry Kleber, Paul Zimmerman, Miss Josie Smith, Miss Jean Wallace, G. F. Muller, Miss Effie Stewart, Mrs. C. I. Wade, Mrs. M.A. Woodward.

    2. Second article under date of August 19, 1900: Musical Pittsburgh in the Olden Days

      1. Subheadings:
        • The Troubadours and Stephen C. Foster Serenaders Were all the Rage in the Seventies – Rare Minstrel Entertainments.
        • Local Popularity of the Foster Melodies.
        • The Earlier Orchestras. Their Organization, Leadership and Personnel – Notable Concerts and Piano-Forte Recitals – Miss Nancy McIntosh’s Initial Appearance in Public.
        • The Von Kunits of Twenty Years Ago was an Italian.

      2. Photographs of persons discussed:
          William J. Diehl, Miss Nancy McIntosh, Fred Toerge, Miss Ida Kleber and Miss Augusta Manns, B. N. McLain, Cassius B. Gillespie, A. L. Nevin, Mrs. Rosa Schaarschmidt, Frank G. Paulson, Enrico Audicio, Fred Bussman, Edward F. Jackman.

    3. Third article under date of August 26, 1900: Growth and History of Music in Pittsburgh

      1. Subheadings:
        • Modest Beginning of the Art Society in 1874, and Initial Performances of Many Musicians Who Afterward Became Famous.
        • Origin of the Orchestra in Pittsburgh.
        • The Proposition of a Symphony Orchestra Met With Many Discouragements at the Start. •Jealousy of Out-of-Town Performers, Archer, Von Kunits and Herbert.
        • A Highly Amusing Lawsuit Over One Twilight Reverie.

      2. Photographs of Persons Discussed:
          Mrs. Christopher Lyman Magee, William Thaw, Henry Holdship, William B. Edwards, Mrs. J. Sharp McDonald, Mrs. Charles C. Mellor, Ethelbert W. Nevin, Charles Woodruff Scovel, Isaac Craig, Jr., Vance Thompson, Rev. S. F. Scovel, Horace Wadham Nicholl, J. F. McCollum, Madame Lucie Loheyde, Adolph M. Foerster.

    4. Fourth Article under date of September 2, 1900: History of the Work of Pittsburgh Musicians

      1. Subheadings:
        • The Wonderful Series of May Festivals, Their High-Priced Soloists and Great Home-Trained Choruses.
        • Due to Carl Retter’s Energetic Labors.
        • Amusing Incidents Connected With the Choral Training; Many Financial Difficulties; The Principal Church Choirs of the Last Three Decades.
        • Review of Musical Progress from 1870 to the Present.

      2. Photographs of Persons Discussed:
          Henry Rohbock, George M. Alexander, Dan Bullock, J. N. Bebout, Madame Sidney Homer, S. S. Amberson, John Q. Everson, Simeon Bissell, Stuart Colville, Joseph H. Gittings, Ethelbert W. Nevin, H. W. A. Beale, Linard C. Webster, Mrs. J. Sharp McDonald, Miss Hughes, Paul Boehme, Louis Brecht, Paul Boehme, Barclay Everson.

  2. Page from Pittsburgh Leader, October 20, 1901:
    Autographed photographs from the collection of Adolph Foerster: Charles Dickens, Adelina Patti, Franz Liszt, Katharine Klafsky, Richard Wagner, Clara Schumann, Henry W. Longfellow, Jenny Lind.

  3. Article titled "Famed Names, Famous Faces. Fine Collection of Autograph Photographs Owned by Mr. Ad. M. Foerster. An Original Letter from Patti." (Date and newspaper not given.)

  4. Articles about The May Festival 1894

    1. From the East End Bulletin of May 17, 1884: A review of the Festival and sketches of the soloists. (Author unknown.)
    2. From Pittsburgh Dispatch of May 14, 1884: An enthusiastic review of the Festival. (Author unknown.)

  5. Miscellaneous newspaper articles beginning with Pittsburgh Leader of October 20, 1895: Schedule for Dedication and Opening of the new Carnegie Library and Carnegie Music Hall, November 5-9, 1895.

  6. Several articles which he wrote for The Musical Forecast journal in 1921 and 1923 centering on musical history in Pittsburgh.

  7. The collection continues through the years to the obituaries for Adolph M. Foerster on August 10, 1927.