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Subject Headings

A standard list of subject headings is used to describe the works included in AuthorSheets bibliographies.
  • Bibliography - Additional readings are available in the work cited.
  • Biography - Biographical information is available in the work cited.
  • Characters - The characters of a story are being described or analyzed.
  • Criticism - Critical analysis and interpretation is available in the work cited.
  • Essays - The work focuses on the essays and short pieces produced by the author.
  • Interviews - Authors speaking on their own works or those of others.
  • Novels - The work focuses on the longer fiction produced by an author.
  • Plays - The work focuses primarily on the plays produced by an author.
  • Poetry - The work focuses on the poems or poetic style of an author.
  • References - Footnotes, endnotes, or chapter notes accompany
  • Short Stories - The work focuses on the short stories produced by an author.
  • Themes - Prominent themes of one or more stories are being discussed in the work.
  • Works - The work focuses on many different literary styles, including novels, poetry, essays, short stories, &tc.

In addition to the above subject headings, a specific work or works may be given if there is substantial information on that work. For example:

Poe, Edgar Allan
In May, Charles. The Short Story: The Reality of Artifice. New York: Twayne, 1995. pp. 31-35, 107-110.
Criticism -- "The Fall of the House of Usher" -- Short Stories