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Library Subject Guide: P

An alphabetical guide to finding resources by subject in the Library.

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Call Numbers
LC Dewey
Painting (Houses) TT 320-324  
Painting -- Technique ND 1259-1505 751
Paleontology QE 711  
Paper Money H 6591 332.5
Parapsychology BF 1001-1389 133
Parenting HQ 772
HQ 759
Parliamentary Practice
JF 515  
Patents T 201-339  
Pen Drawing - Technique NC 905 741
Pencil Drawing - Technique NC 890-895 741
Pennsylvania F 157 974.8
Pennsylvania Companies
Corporations -- Pennsylvania
Personal Computers
QA 76.5  
Personnel Management HF 5547-5549.5
HD 31-58
Pest Control SB 950-975  
Pets SF  
Philosophy B 100
Phobias RC 535  
Photography TR  
Physical therapy RM 695-727  
Physically Handicapped HV 3011-3024  
Physiology QP  
Physics QC  
(Self Instruction)
MT 248  
Pittsburgh F 159 974.886
Pittsburgh Companies (Corporations Directories)    
Plague RC 171-179  
Planets QB 601-701  
Plants QK  
Plastics TP 1101-1180  
Plays (Collections) PN 611.5-6120
PS 623-643
Plumbing TH 6101-6691  
Poetry ( Collections ) PN 6099-6110
PS 541-615
Police (Officer) Exams HV 7923
HV 8143
         (Sergeant) - Exams HV8184.N54A47  
Political Science J  
Pollution , Air & Water TD174-180,
Popular Music M1630.18  
Pornography HQ471  
Portugal ( History & Travel) DP501-900 914,
Post Office Exams HE6499  
Pottery (As Art) NK3700-4695 738
Pottery (Technical Aspects) TT920-922  
Poverty HV1-4630,
Pregnancy RG520-648,
Prehistoric Man GN700-875  
Primates (Apes, Orangutans, Etc.) QL737.P9  
Print Making NE  
Printing Z116-265 686
Prisons HV8301-9920  
Prohibition HV5088-5099  
Proposal Writing for Grants    
Proposal Writing in Business HF5718.5  
Prostitution HQ101-440  
Protestantism BX4800-4861 280
Psychiatry RC336-455  
Psychology BF 39-833 150
Public Administration JF1531 350
Public Finance HJ141 336
Public Opinion JK 31  
Public Relations HM263  
Public Speaking PN4121-4130 808.5
Public Utilities HD2763-2758  
Publishers & Publishing Z278-550 070.5
Pyramids (Egyptian) DT61-63  

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Based on "Guide to Popular Subjects" by Information Services Departments