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Habitat Gardening or Gardens for Wildlife

"An overgrown garden makes a perfect bird habitat." -- Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher

See also: Bird Watching, Backyard animals, Outdoor Activities: Wildlife, Sustainable Gardening, Bugs.

Selected Books

Amos, Sharon
Wildlife at your Back Door: How to Create a Haven for Nature's Friends
QL59.A46 2005
This Reader's digest book, written by an Englishwoman and illustrated with color photographs, suggests creating simple habitats using log, rock and brush piles.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The Butterfly Gardener's Guide
QL544.6 .B88 2003x
Includes lists of host plants for caterpillars as well as nectar plants for butterflies.
Condon, Marlene
The Nature-Friendly Garden: Creating a Backyard Haven for Plants, Wildlife, and People
SB473.C652 2006
An ecofriendly, natural approach to landscaping that encourages wildlife.
Creeser, Rosemary
Wildlife-Friendly Plants: make your garden a haven for beneficial insects, amphibians and birds
QL59.C74 2004x
A directory of plants that attract animals. Most of these plants are hardy enough for Pennsylvania.
Fergus, Charles
Wildlife of Pennsylvania and the Northeast
QL606.52.U6 F47 2000
If you want to find out what types of wildlife you can expect to attract, use this book to learn about animals in Pennsylvania.
Grissell, Eric
Bees, Wasps, and Ants: The Indispensable Role of Hymenoptera in Gardens
QL565 .G72 2010
Bees, Wasps, and Ants explores the importance of the Hymenoptera and explains how gardeners can encourage (or discourage) them in the garden. Eric Grissel is a research entomologist who now practices Darwinian Victory Gardening in the high desert grasslands of southeastern Arizona.
Grissell, Eric
Insects and Gardens: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology
SF517.G75 2001
Entomologist and gardener Grissell suggests calling a truce with the enemy and instead welcoming the insect world into your garden.
Johnson, Catherine J. and Susan McDiarmid
Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden: Creating Backyard & Balcony Habitats for Wildlife
QL59.J62 2004
This illustrated book gives plans for making houses for specific animals.
Mizejewski, David
Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife
q QL59.M57 2004x
An oversized book with color photographs from the National Wildlife Federation.
Roth, Sally
Bird-by-Bird Gardening
QL676.5.R6684 2006
"To really bring in birds, and to keep them coming back, you need the plants they like best." This book gives very comprehensive information on attracting birds to your garden. Arranged by bird family.
Shalaway, Scott
Butterflies in the Backyard
QL542.S5 2004
Scott Shalaway is the Outdoors columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Charleston (WV) Gazette and the Wheeling (WV) News-Register.
Stein, Sara Bonnett
Planting Noah's Garden: Further Adventures in Backyard Ecology
QH541.5.G37 S75 1997
Sarah Stein's Noah's Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Back Yards placed the author at the forefront of the new field of ecological gardening. Now, in Planting Noah's Garden, she tells the story of the many ways people in all parts of the country are redesigning their surroundings to welcome back the birds, butterflies, fireflies, and other creatures driven away by the sterility of the typical suburban landscape.
Tallamy, Douglas W.
Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens
SB439.T275 2007
Tallamy is suggesting a radical change in mindset for the gardener: instead of searching for pest-free ornamentals, we need to look for native plants that will provide food for native wildlife, particularly for insects that provide the bulk of food for many other animals.
Tuttle, Merlin D., Mark Kiser and Selena Kiser
The Bat House Builder's Handbook
q QL737.C5 T89 2004x
Bats are great insect eaters so you might want to think about attracting them to your garden by providing a bat house.

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Audubon Butterfly DVD: Essentials for Beginners and Gardeners
(DVD) QL544.A933 2008x
Presents instruction on identifying butterflies found across the United States. Covers butterfly biology, lifecycles, and behavior. Explains how to attract butterflies to backyard gardens.

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