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Pittsburgh Mediation Center

Other names: Pittsburgh Mediation Center has merged with The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC)

5916 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Telephone: 412.482.3240
Web Site:


Ellen DeBenedetti
5916 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Telephone: 412.482.3240

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No. of staff: 1-3
No. of volunteers/interns: 25+
Classification: Non-profit
Year started: 1981
Fees for services: yes

Fee Description: Varies per service which is customized to meet the needs of clients.

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Service Description

Services offered by the consultants in this directory to non-profit organizations: Service, Training, Volunteers.

Services Provided:


Conflict Management - Service  
Developing Ground Rules - Service  


Communications/Presentation Skills - Training  

Staff/Team Development - Training  

Other Specialties

Conflict Resolution/Mediation - Service  
Training  Volunteer/intern  

Other Services:

Restorative Justice training for schools

Mission/Statement of Purpose:

The mission of the Pittsburgh Mediation Center is to practice, model, teach and promote resolution of differences through mediation, collaboration & restorative justice. PMC provides mediation services to community members, organizations and businesses and training in the areas of conflict resolution, third party intervention, mediation, team building, negotiation and collaboration as well as facilitation services.

Annual Programs/Events:

Annual breakfast for supporters
Co-sponsor of annual Lawrence W. Kaplan Lecture in Conflict Resolution

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Geographic Scope

Services are available to organizations in the following geographic areas:

City of Pittsburgh
Allegheny County
Southwestern Pennsylvania
Western Pennsylvania

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Recent Clients

None Listed

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Additional Information

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Last Revised: 1/6/2009