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Dairy Products, Cheese, & Eggs

Selected Books

Farnham, Jody and Marc Druart
The Joy of Cheesemaking: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Making, and Eating Fine Cheese
SF271.F28 2011
Farnham and Druart, from the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, includes a detailed explanation of the cheese-making process.
Farrell-Kingsley, Kathy
The Home Creamery: Make Your Own Fresh Dairy Products
"Easy Recipes for Butter, Yogurt, Sour Cream, Creme Fraiche, Cream Cheese, Ricotta and More!"
TX759.F37 2008
Using simple recipes for making fresh dairy products, this book teaches cheese lovers and home cooks how to make their favorite classics.
Golson, Terry Blonder
The Farmstead Egg Cookbook
TX745.G65 2006
The Farmstead Egg Cookbook taps into the trend that eggs are healthy to eat again, especially organic farmstead eggs.
Karlin, Mary
Artisan Cheese Making at Home: Techniques and Recipes for Mastering World-Class Cheese
SF271.K37 2011
Artisan Cheese Making at Home begins with a primer covering milks, starters, cultures, natural coagulants, and bacteria; then offers a master class in home cheese making: building basic skills with fresh cheeses like ricotta and working up to developing and aging complex mold-ripened cheeses.
Kaufelt, Rob and Liz Thorpe
The Murray's Cheese Handbook: More than 300 of the World's Best Cheeses
SF271.K38 2006
Rob Kaufelt, owner of Murray's Cheese Shop, guides cheese-lovers through the pleasant predicament of choosing from the myriad offerings from around the world.
Kindstedt, Paul
Cheese and Culture: A History of Cheese and Its Place in Western Civilization
SF270.4.K56 2012
Kindstedt (University of Vermont food scientist) starts with the beginning of cheesemaking in the neolithic period. You can read a review of the book in the Washington Post.
Masui, Kazuko
French Cheese
SF274.F7 M36 2005
This DK Eyewitness Companion book to French cheeses is well-illustrated, as all Eyewitness books are, with photographs of each cheese. A great book to take to France with you.
McCalman, Max and David Gibbons
Cheese: a Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best
TX382.M354 2005
McCalman brings us up-to-date in the world of artisanal cheeses and rates them.
McCalman, Max and David Gibbons
The Cheese Plate
TX759.5.C48 M39 2002
Max McCalman is one of the world's foremost experts on artisanal cheeses and in The Cheese Plate he tells you how to buy, store, and serve cheeses, and then how to taste them, serve them and pair them with other food and wine.
Pretty, Gurth
The Definitive Guide to Canadian Artisanal and Fine Cheese
SF274.C2 P74 2006x
Pretty traveled throughout Canada researching locally made cheeses. This book not only tells the story of each small cheese producer but lists local attractions to visit while you are in the region tasting cheeses. And who could resist a cheese called Dragon's Breath?
Roberts, Jeffrey P.
The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese
r SF274.U6 R63 2007
This atlas features 345 producers organized by region, then alphabetically by state. Profiles include the varieties of cheese produced and locations where they are available, as well as vignettes of the cheesemakers themselves.
Roux, Michel
TX745.R84 2005
Each chapter is based around a style of cooking eggs, from boiling, frying, poaching, baking and scrambling, to making the perfect omelet, crepe, souffle, meringue and custard. The photography is delightful, both of the technique and the final dish.
Simmons, Marie
The Good Egg: More than 200 Fresh Approaches from Soup to Dessert
TX745.S543 2000
In this landmark collection, Marie Simmons, an award-winning cookbook author whose deftly irresistible flavor combinations have inspired millions, celebrates the versatile egg with more than 250 recipes. This is the most comprehensive book on egg cookery ever published, and it's a dazzlingly diverse collection.
Smith, Tim
Making Artisan Cheese: 50 Fine Cheeses that you can Make in your own Kitchen
SF271.S65 2005
With this informative guide about home cheese making, you will be able to turn your kitchen into the perfect cheese laboratory, creating fresh, artisan cheese with flavor that will surpass that of any commercial product.
Uvezian, Sonia
The Book of Yogurt
TX759.5.Y63 U94 1999
Now back in print, the internationally acclaimed The Book of Yogurt offers over 300 flavor-packed recipes ranging from hearty peasant fare to elegant creations. Sonia Uvezian, an Armenian born and raised in Lebanon, expands yogurt beyond the narrow limitations of desserts and snack foods and incorporates it into an impressive array of international dishes.
Valenze, Deborah M.
Milk: A Local and Global History
GT2920.M55 V35 2011
Valenze, a history professor at Barnard College, traces the history of milk, which is sacred or profane depending on the culture.
Wolf, Clark
American Cheeses: The Best Regional, Artisan, and Farmhouse Cheeses, Who Makes Them, and Where to Find Them
TX759.5.C48 W65 2008
Dividing the country into sections -- The Northeast and New England, The South, The Middle West, The Wild West -- he explores the cheese-making communities, discussing the kind of cheeses that are specific to each of the four sections of the country and profiling dozens of the most accomplished cheesemakers, from well-known national brands to the creators of small-batch, hand-crafted rarities.
Wright, Clifford A.
Hot and Cheesy
TX759.5.C48 W75 2012
Hot & Cheesy offers more than 250 recipes covering fritters, pastries, casseroles, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, breads, and almost anything else you could top, stuff, or sprinkle with cheese. Like all of Wright's books, this title also includes historical and cultural notes on each recipe.

Selected Videos

Milk in the Land: Ballad of an American Drink
(DVD) TX379.M553 2007x
Examines the relationship between the popular drink and culture, revealing how milk became America's staple beverage as well as a powerful symbol of American patriotism and progress. Features interviews with historians, physicians, farmers, philosophers, activists, ethicists, and authors.
The Cheese Nun: Sister Noella's Voyage of Discovery
This PBS home video profiles Sister Noella Marcellino, a Benedictine nun from Connecticut, whose cheese-making abbey sent her to the University of Connecticut for a doctorate in cheese microbiology. She obtained a Fullbright Scholarshop to study the mold strains in France for a year and spent an additional two years there studying the differences between regional cheeses.
Ricki's Cheesemaking 101
(DVD) SF271 R533 2005x
Ricki Caroll demonstrates how to make seven different cheeses in the home from store-bought milk: creme fraiche, farmhouse cheddar, fromage blanc, mascarpone, mozzarella, queso blanco, ricotta.
Studd, Will
Will Studd narrates these episodes of Cheese Slices, an Australian TV series on cheeses of the world:
Camembert - (DVD) SF274.F7 C363 2007x
Comte Gruyere and Morbier - (DVD) SF274.F7 C663 2007x
The Legend of Roquefort - (DVD) SF274.F7 L4595 2007x
New Farmstead Cheeses of Northern California - (DVD) SF274.U5 N493 2007x
Parmigiano Reggiano - (DVD) SF274.I8 P373 2007x
Spanish Traditional Quesos - Spain - (DVD) SF274.S6 S633 2007x

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Web Sites

  • American Cheese Society
    An educational, promotional and standard-making organization for American cheeses and cheesemakers. They have a searchable and browsable directory of their members.
  • American Egg Board
    This website includes nutritional information, recipes, frequently asked questions, egg safety.
  • Butter through the Ages
    This web exhibit from the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA) explores the history and making of butter.
  • A Campaign for Real Milk
    A Campaign for Real Milk is a project of The Weston A. Price Foundation and advocates a return to humane, non-toxic, pasture-based dairying and small-scale traditional processing.
  • CheeseNet
    The Internet's cheese information resource. Includes the World Cheese Index, a database of over 100 cheeses with pictures and information on individual cheese types, which is browsable alphabetically or by country. You can also learn about cheeses with their "cheese of the day".
  • Gourmet: Egg Economics
    "Perhaps some things in life shouldn’t be cheaper by the dozen. A North Carolina chef takes a look at the real cost of food—and flavor."
  • National Dairy Council
    This consumer-oriented site includes nutrition and health information as well as recipes.
  • New England Cheesemaking Supply Company
    This site tells you how to make your own cheese.
  • Real California Cheese
    Marketing from the California Milk Advisory Board, with links to California cheese makers. California is now surpassing Wisconsin as the largest cheesemaking state.
  • Specialty Cheese Company
    Features hispanic and mideastern cheeses with recipes.
  • Wisconsin Cheese
    Under recipes you can search but also browse by cheese variety and under All About Cheese, their Cheesecyclopedia offers information about each cheese made in Wisconsin.


  • Camembert: A Village, A Cheese
    Learn about the village in Normandy that the famous cheese is named after, as well as the cheese and how it is made.
    An online guide to French cheeses in English or French. Information on each cheese by type of milk (goat, cow, sheep), and place of origin. This is for true cheese lovers. Online ordering available.
  • Gorgonzola
    History and process of making this blue cheese from Italy. Click on the British flag for an English version.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano
    The official site for Italian Parmesan cheese. In English and Italian.
  • Roquefort
    Learn about the history and how Roquefort cheese is made. Click on the British flag for an English verions.
  • Stilton Cheese
    Britain's historic blue cheese. Includes recipes.

Pittsburgh & Pennsylvania Resources



Agriculture is the No. 1 industry in Pennsylvania with the dairy industry at the top. More than 17,000 people work on nearly 10,000 dairy farms, caring for 616,000 cows, which annually produce 10.9 billion pounds of milk.

  • Dairy Spot: Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association
    Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association is one of 18 state and regional promotion organizations working under the umbrella of the United Dairy Industry Association. Their website includes recipes, health and nutrition news.
  • Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board
    The state Milk Marketing Board provides a regulatory environment that facilitates a safe, adequate supply of wholesome milk by providing security for its dairy farmers and milk dealers; while protecting the public health and welfare of consumers.
  • University Creamery @ Penn State
    The Creamery at the State College campus of Pennsylvania State University is a required stop for any visitor. You can even order Peachy Paterno ice cream from the online alumni store!