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Thai Food & Cooking

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Cooking, Thai

Loha-unchit, Kasma
It Rains Fishes: Legends, Traditions and the Joys of Thai Cooking
q TX724.5.T5 L64 1994
This is a book for those who are interested in the culture behind recipes. It Rains Fishes won the 1996 Julia Child Cookbook Award as the Best International Cookbook of 1995.
McDermott, Nancie
Quick & Easy Thai: 70 Everyday Recipes
TX724.5.T5 M33 2004
An easy, nicely photographed book from Chronicle Books.
Signavong, Khamtane, 1962-
Lemongrass and Sweet Basil: Traditional Thai Cuisine
TX724.5.T5 S525 2005x
Each recipes includes notes about history, legend and gastronomy.
Thompson, David
Thai Food
TX724.5.T5 T4924 2002
This monumental 600 page book by David Thompson, an Australian chef, is a very serious treatment of Thai food and culinary traditions with authentic recipes with authentic ingredients.
Thompson, David
Thai Street Food
q TX724.5.T5 T4922 2009
A very large coffee table book, this wonderfully photographed book of street food is way too big to take with you on that next trip to Thailand!
Yu, Su-mei
Cracking the Coconut: Classic Thai Home Cooking
TX724.5.T5 Y87 2000
Cracking the Coconut by renowned Thai chef, teacher, and writer Su-Mei Yu, is a masterful work about the art and history of Thai cooking and the people who have shaped it.
Yu, Su-mei
The Elements of Life: A Contemporary Guide to Thai Recipes and Traditions for Healthier Living
TX724.5.T5 Y87 2000
Su-mei Yu grew up in Thailand of Chinese parents, moved to the U.S. when she was 15 and eventually opened the Thai restaurant Saffron in San Diego. Both her Chinese mother and her Thai neighbors believed that "food is medicine". This book introduces the Thai natural philosophy of health and spiritual well-being.

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  • Appon's Thai Food
    This food blog offers Thai recipes with commentary - which is always more interesting than a straight recipe book.
  • Bon Appetit: Thai Cuisine Primer
    Chef Andy Ricker, of Portland's award-winning Pok Pok, sets you up with everything you need to know to turn out authentic curries, salads, and more, including Pad Thai.
  • Epicurious Recipe Search: Thai
    253 results from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.
  • Food Network Recipe Search: Thai
    376 results from Food Network TV programs.
  • She Simmers: Thai Home Cooking
    The food blog of Leela Punyaratabandhu who specializes in "simmer" sauces that you can add to a quick meal, like her Thai sweet chile sauce and her mother's short-cut peanut sauce.
  • Temple of Thai: Recipes
    Temple of Thai is a commercial site that sells Thai ingredients but it also has a collection of homestyle Thai recipes.
  • Thai Kitchen
    This is a commercial line of Thai products for the US kitchen that is found in US supermarkets. Also recipes for using their products. They have a section on Thai ingredients that might be helpful.
  • Thai Table
    A well photographed recipe site with information about Thai food as well as recipes. The have a neat site under ingredients called "what can I cook with what I have". Check the ingredients that you have on hand and they'll come up with a recipe.

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