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Mexican Food & Cooking

See also: Latin American Cooking and Spanish Cooking.

Selected Books

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Bayless, Rick
Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico
TX716.M4 B29 2007x
There is a 20th anniversary edition of this cookbook which was Rick Bayless' first (1987).
Bayless, Rick
Mexican Everyday
TX716.M4 B293 2005
Rick Bayless is the chef and owner of the Frontera Grill in Chicago and the author of many previous Mexican cookbooks. The emphasis here is on lowfat healthy dishes that one can eat everyday.
Bayless, Rick
Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen: Capturing the Vibrant Flavors of a World-Class Cuisine
TX716.M4 B295 1996x
This cookbook won an IACP (Julia Child) Best Cookbook of the Year award in 1997. Bayless is also the author of Authentic Mexican and Mexico One Plate at a Time.
Gerson, Fany
My Sweet Mexico: Recipes for Authentic Pastries, Breads, Candies, Beverages, and Frozen Treats
Fany Gerson was born and raised in Mexico City, became a pastry chef in the United States and now has written a book on one of Mexico's favorite food: dulces, which covers everything sweet. She offers a guide to ingredients and then arranges them into chapters: beverages, sweets from the convents, corn, heirloom sweets, sweet breads (pan dulce), fruit, desserts, frozen treats (helados), and a final chapter on modern Mexican sweets.
Gerson, Fany
Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice and Aguas Frescas
Gerson's second book covers homemade popsicles but she also includes beverages like agua de jamaica. A good book for paleta-poor Pittsburgh. You can also pick up a paleta when you go to New York City from Gerson's La NewYorkina.
Hearon, Reed
La Parilla: The Mexican Grill
TX840.B3 H395 1996
Reed Hearon, San Francisco Chef, offers authentic Mexican recipes for the grill, including a collection of recadas (marinades) and salsas. Also check out his Bocaditos: the Little Dishes of Mexico.
Kennedy, Diana
The Essential Cuisines of Mexico
TX716.M4 K473 2000
Kennedy has combined and updated three of her cookbook classics in this volume (The Cuisines of Mexico, Mexican Regional Cooking, and The Tortilla Book).
Kennedy, Diana
From My Mexican Kitchen: Techniques and Ingredients
TX716.M4 K475 2003
Diana Kennedy is an Englishwoman who has spent most of her life in Mexico and is one of the doyennes of Mexican cooking. She takes it very seriously and sticks to the authentic and traditional. This book is a must for acquainting yourself with Mexican ingredients.
Kennedy, Diana
My Mexico: a Culinary Odyssey with More than 300 Recipes
TX716.M4 K467 1998
This is a very personal account of Mexican foods, recipes, and traditions.
Kennedy, Diana
Oaxaca al Gusto, an Infinite Gastronomy
q TX716.M4 K46813 2010
WOW! This is Diana Kennedy's Magnum Opus! A huge coffee table book published by the University of Texas Press that explores the indigenous foods of Oaxaca. There is even a caldo de piedra, a "stone soup" that gets its name from the heated stones that cook the ingredients. Read more about Diana Kennedy and the book in the LA Weekly and on NPR.
Martínez, Zarela
Zarela's Veracruz
TX716.M4 M378 2001
Zarela Martínez has a restaurant in New York City and wrote a previous book on Oaxacan food. This book covers the coastal food of Veracruz. You can learn more from her web site.
Palazuelos, Susanna
México the Beautiful Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Regions of Mexico
q TX716.M4 P35 1991
It's hard to resist these big "Beautiful" cookbooks with their wonderful photographs both of the food and of the country. The recipes in here are Mexican classics and the photos will give you an idea of what your dish should look like!
Quintana, Patricia
The Taste of Mexico
q TX716.M4 Q56 1986
Patricia Quintana is "the first lady of Mexican cuisine". She has spent more than 30 years researching and teaching about the amazing range and sophistication of Mexico's food, which actually comprises 32 distinct cooking styles. In this book, Quintana presents traditional dishes illustrated with wonderful photographs.
Santibañez, Roberto
Truly Mexican: Essential Recipes and Techniques for Authentic Mexican Cooking
TX716.M4 S2735 2011x
In this book Santibañez concentrates on salsas and moles, which are very basic to Mexican cuisine. He has also written Rosa's New Mexican Table, when he was chef at Rosa Mexicano.
Trilling, Susana
Seasons of My Heart: a Culinary Journey through Oaxaca, Mexico
TX716.M4 T78 1999
This is the companion book to Trilling's PBS TV series. Trilling owns a Bed and Breakfast and Cooking School outside of Oaxaca.


Eazy Cookin': Familiar Mexican dishes
Instruction on how to prepare five basic Mexican-American dishes: guacamole; rice and beans; chicken enchiladas; beef fajitas; ceviche.
Food for the Ancestors
(VIDEO) GT4995.A4 F66 2004x
Professor Bruce Kraig takes viewers on a culinary and cultural tour of the state of Puebla, Mexico, during the annual weeklong Days of the Dead celebration. Focuses on the special foods that are made for this time of the year including sugar skull candies, pulque, bread of the dead, and mole poblano. PBS has a companion website: Food for the Ancestors.

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Web Sites

Many of these websites are in English or have English translations. But some of them are in Spanish which will give you a wonderful opportunity to use your high school Spanish!


Mexican Sites

  • La Cocina Mexicana
    This is a site that has been around as long as the web. Includes Regional Dishes of Mexico (Platillos Tipicos de Mexico). In Spanish from the Universidad de Guadalajara. The English version doesn't seem to work.
  • Mexico Connect: Cuisine
    Recipes from a monthly online travel magazine by North Americans living in Mexico with a searchable database. In English and Spanish.
  • Mexico Desconocido: Gastronomia
    Mexico Desconocido, a glossy monthly magazine in Spanish devoted to lesser known aspects of Mexico, offers recipes for traditional foods from the many regional cuisines of Mexico.

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