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Sweet Treats Sweet Treats
Featured Collection February 2010

Celebrate this oh-so-tasty month with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Cook up an indulgent dessert from our cookbook collection or find the perfect book, movie or music to share with your sweetie!

Tasty Titles for Kids
Whether it's a story book about sharing a special time in the kitchen with family or a simple cookbook for kids, the library offers plenty of yummy choices for young readers and listeners.
Classic Romance Films
Feeling a little sappy?
Dig out the chocolates and tissues and settle in with one of these classic romance films.
Sweet Treats
Check out these delicious reads to warm your heart and soul this Valentine's Day.
Does the weather have you down? Is it too cold to go outside? Then fire up the oven and try these delectable munchies. You don't have to eat them all -- take some to the office, save some for the next wedding, or share some with your local librarian!
Sweet Treats for Teens
When some people think of Valentine's Day, they think of romance. For others, the first thing that comes to mind is...CHOCOLATE. The titles on this list celebrate everybody's favorite part of a meal: dessert.
The Teenage Girl's Guide to Love, Romance and Friendship
Finding love is harder than you might think. These books will help teenage girls navigate the rocky roads of romance.
Love All Around
Love can be fun, painful, frightening, and exciting. But it's rarely simple. Join these characters as they all strap themselves in for a roller coaster ride.