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Short and Sweet
Featured Collection September 2010

Good stories come in all shapes and sizes. Explore the art of storytelling at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh where the worlds of fairy tales, oral histories, short stories and zines collide.

Short and Sweet -- or Not
It's great fun to sink your teeth into a big, fat book. The setting seems so real and you really get to know the characters. But sometimes you're in the mood for something lighter or you're looking around to find some new authors. Or maybe you just don't have much time. That's when a short story comes in handy. Check out the list below to find some scary tales, some fairly tales, a few(very) old favorites, and some cool new collections.
Short Films
A long list, for such short films - we have movies and documentaries, live action and animation, old and new, domestic and foreign!
Biking Zines
A sampling from the Bikes category of the adult zine collection. They touch on bike repair, bike trips, BMX bike culture, and women and cycling. Enjoy!
Short Story Collections Connected by More than Their Binding
The stories in these collections connect through character, place, and philosophical bent, inspiring a deep reading experience.
Short Stories for Teens
What are you looking for in a short story? An introduction to an author's work? Something to tide you over between homework assignments? A story about a specific issue you're facing? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find something here.
Short Stories on CD
You can even get your fill of short stories as you drive to work or if you are going on a short trip and won't have time for a 20 CD novel.
Pittsburgh Oral Histories
These 42 oral history interviews provide a cross-section of Western Pennsylvanians and are full of the hearty, good-humored, and resilient qualities that make Western Pennsylvania what it is. We hope they will re-awaken your own memories of growing up and living in this unique and colorful region.
The national StoryCorps oral history project allows everyday people to share and record their personal stories for posterity. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was a host location for this area and offers audio transcripts of local stories.