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From Acting to Zumba From Acting to Zumba
Be Creative @ Your Library
Featured Collection August 2009

Life's a stage! Explore everything from acting to the coolest exercise and dance moves at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Performing Arts for Kids
Some people love the spotlight, others like to work behind the scenes. Whatever your taste, if you're interested in the performing arts there's sure to be a title on this list that will capture your interest and spark your creativity. So crack open a book -- and break a leg.
Cool Moves: Dance Instruction DVDs
Whether it's tango, belly dance, ballet, tap, hip hop or just about any other dance step you can think of, the dance instruction DVDs in the Music, Film and Audio section of the Main Library provide a huge variety of possibilities for the beginner or the more advanced student. These titles are a small sample of what is on the shelves. So, grab some and put on your dancing shoes!
Creativity from A to Z
From Acting to Zzzz . . . the books on this list are all about teens, performance and the arts.
Get a Creative Life!
If the recession has your creativity and breakthrough thinking in a rut, check out these books to get you jumpstarted, or simply explore the methods great creative minds use to achieve their goals.
Get Into the Act!
All the world's indeed a stage! Explore how you can learn, practice, and improve your public performance skills.
Pas de Six
Experience the passion and beauty of dance through these six works of dance fiction.