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Contemporary Irish Fiction

Book Cover Cecelia Ahern
Rosie Dunne
Chronicles the romantic relationship between Rosie and Alex, best friends since childhood whose feelings gradually evolve into something more, but separation, an unexpected pregnancy, and other romances turn their lives upside down.
Book Cover Sebastian Barry
A Long Long Way
Leaving behind his family in Dublin in order to join the Allied forces during World War I, eighteen-year-old Willie Dunne survives the horrors of war, but his return home is devastated by political tensions in Ireland.
The Sea John Banville
The Sea
Following the death of his wife, Max Morden retreats to the seaside town of his childhood summers, where his own life becomes inextricably entwined with the members of the vacationing Grace family.
Nights of Rain and Stars Maeve Binchy
Nights of Rain and Stars
In a small Greek island village, a group of travelers from around the world and the local residents they encounter are brought together when tragedy strikes. The mysterious Vonni, an Irish woman whose Greek is fluent and whose respected position in town is unquestioned, explores her own memories of heartache and attempts to help her new friends.
Book Cover Ken Bruen
The Guards
Stuck in a rut after his dismissal from the Irish police force and still grieving over the death of his father, Jack Taylor finds renewal when an intriguing woman hires him based on his rumored talent for finding things.
Book Cover Roddy Doyle
A Star Called Henry
Henry Smart was born in the Dublin slums in 1901. He has survived by grabbing what he needs--bread, love and weapons--wherever he can get them. At the age of 14, he has become a soldier in the Irish Republican Army. Henry's path crosses Collins, Connolly and other people whose names form a history of modern Ireland.
Book Cover Neil Jordan
Nina Hardy, murdered by her childhood friend, George, watches and retells the events of her life and afterlife, as her half-brother retraces their childhood together, revealing the crime against Nina in all its full and heartbreaking meaning.
Book Cover Marian Keyes
The Other Side of the Story
A novel that takes place in the world of publishing considers the joys and vagaries of career, karma, and love.
Book Cover Pat McCabe
Call Me the Breeze
Searching for a place to belong in his politically torn 1970s Northern Ireland home, Joey Tallon begins a spiritual quest that eventually takes him to Iowa, a journey during which he experiments with LSD.
Book Cover John McGahern
By the Lake
A year in the lives of the unforgettable inhabitants of a modern-day Irish village--the Ruttledges, Londoners seeking a new way of life; the womanizing John Quinn; Jimmy Joe McKiernan, local head of the IRA; locals Jamesie and his wife Mary; and "the Shah," the wealthiest man in town--unfolds through a cylce of work, play, religious festivals, and the changing seasons.
Book Cover Edna O'Brien
In the Forest
Michen O'Kane, who was born with a killer instinct, unleashes his murderous rage along the countryside of western Ireland, drawing innocent victims into the forest of his twisted fantasies.
Book Cover Jamie O'Neill
At Swim, Two Boys
In a story set against the backdrop of Dublin in 1915, two boys who meet at the local swimming hole plan to swim to an island in Dublin Bay the following Easter, but their plans coincide with the Easter uprising--a historic rebellion that changes their lives.
Book Cover Peter Sheridan
Every Inch of Her
Things will never be quite the same again for the sisters at Dublin's Good Shepherd Convent thanks to the arrival of their newest refugee, Philo, a huge, tattooed woman with a penchant for smoking, swearing, and eating, who is fleeing her abusive husband, Tommo.

All annotations taken from Novelist.