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Get the Reading Bug!

Whether you're fascinated by things that sting or you are itching for some good fiction, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's collection will help you catch that reading bug!


Bugs for Kids
Bugs and other crawling critters are a perpetually lively topic for children's books.

Bugs in Music
So, you have gotten the bug to read. Why not listen to some bug-related music, too? Here are some suggestions as you cruise through the summer.

Bugs on CD
Listen to these tales of creepy crawlies on your daily commute.

Don't Bug Me - Books by Many-Legged Narrators
Humans-turned-insects, insects-turned-humans, the chronicles of an insect uprising and an insect's survival on Noah's Ark - these are stories to inspire the bug in you!

Donít Bug Me Ė Iím Already Bugged!
Germaphobe or Germaphile? You might decide to switch teams after you read a few of these fiction and non-fiction selections about the smallest troublemakers in the world.

Don't Bug Me - I'm Making Dinner
An herbivore cookbook list.

Don't Bug Me - I'm Reading Hot, Historical Romances
You may be able to predict the endings, but in these novels, it's the sensual way they get there that counts.

Don't Bug Me - I'm Reading Memorable Memoirs of Miserable Childhoods
These authors vie for most compelling miserable memoir.

Don't Bug Me - I'm Reading Other People's Diaries
Get a sense of other people's lives and experiences by reading these graphic novels and non-fiction diaries.

Don't Bug Me - I'm Reading Short Stories
Think of them as mini novels, perfect for short trips and the pauses that happen naturally in life.