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Make a Splash: Jump In! Make a Splash: Jump In!
Featured Collection June 2010

Cool off from the summer sun! Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has the word on water, and a bounty of recommendations to fit this Summer's reading themes!

Kids: Make a Splash at Your Library
It's amazing to think that the human body may be as much as 60% water. But there's no denying that there are plenty of ways to enjoy, experience and explore this amazing substance. Check out these titles, ask a librarian for suggestions or look at the recommended books on the Summer Reading webpage.
Stories on and in the Water
Stories that take place on or in the water will get you ready for Summer!
Teens: Make Waves
The titles on these lists are all about making waves in different ways: throughout history, in your community, in real life, and more. If you're looking for a great book to read about teens making waves on the ocean or making waves through activism, these lists are a good place to start.
Listening to Water (Music)
Composers and musicians have been inspired through the years to compose and perform music where water plays an integral role in the sense and feel of the work. Through rhythm and the flow of the music, they are able to suggest things like the rhythm of the ocean waves or it might be a story in which water plays a dominant part. Here are a few examples from various sections of our expansive CD collection.
Water - Its More Serious Side
For those who might be in the mood to tackle a tough subject, here are some recent books on water and how it might figure in our future. Pittsburgh is surrounded by water so it's hard to imagine our having a shortage. Looked at from a larger perspective, however, a different story emerges. Not your ordinary beach reading...