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  • Albion Monitor
    An independent web publication specializing in important (but ignored) news and commentary collected from both mainstream and alternative news sources, worldwide and original investigative articles commissioned from journalists around the globe.
  • The Atlantic Monthly
    This website is full of great commentary and news. It's not just subscription information for the print edition with selected articles but is a destination itself.
  • The Atlantic: Cities
    Great commentary and news on the urban environment and all its problems.
  • Consortium News is a product of The Consortium for Independent Journalism, Inc., a non-profit organization that supports independent journalistic research. Look here for reports on controversial topics.
  • Flak Magazine
    Flak Magazine is a group of young writers, editors and web designers committed to the common goal of reviewing and criticizing art and media and the contexts in which they are produced. They are dedicated to Criticism, Non-commercialism, An open enterprise, quality and community.
  • Harper's Magazine
    Harper's Magazine, the oldest general interest monthly in America, explores the issues that drive our national conversation with emphasis on fine writing and original thought. It provides a unique perspective on politics, society, the environment and culture, and also offers its back issues to 1850 online.
  • IDEA: International Debate Education Association
    The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) develops, organizes and promotes debate and debate-related activities in communities throughout the world. Look here for a debate topic.
  • New York Times: Room for Debate
    This blog is a "Running Commentary on the News" that invites a panel of experts to voice their opinions.
  • The New Yorker
    Featured articles from this weekly publication plus regular columns and calendar sections. And you can even get a T-shirt customized with a New Yorker cartoon of your choice.
  • Pacific Standard Magazine
    Formerly Miller-McCune, a publication of the nonprofit Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy, harnesses current academic research with real-time reporting to address pressing social concerns.
    "Political Commentary Updated Daily", formerly Commentary Today, links to major columnists on the right and left. "Opinions from America's greatest polititical commentators updated daily..."
  • Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship.
  • Utne Reader
    Founded in 1984 by Eric Utne, UTNE READER reprints the best articles from over 2,000 alternative media sources bringing you the latest ideas and trends emerging in our culture.

Last updated January 25, 2013

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