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Pottery and Ceramics

Resources here are geared toward the afficionado. For books and materials on the craft of pottery, see:
Pottery & Ceramics: Technique.

For books and materials on collecting pottery, see Pottery & Porcelain for the Collector.

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Vincentelli, Moira
Women Potters: Transforming Traditions
q NK3785.V55 2004
Some claim that women were the first potters and the earliest pottery techniques (handbuilding) are still used today in many parts of the world, largely by women. Moira Vincentelli proposes that a women's tradition in ceramics is one in which pottery making is intimately connected with female identity.


Berzock, Kathleen Bickford
For Hearth and Altar: African Ceramics from the Keith Archepohl Collection
q NK4173.B47 2005
Published to accompany an exhibition held at the Art Institute of Chicago, this book contains beautifully illustrated entries for 125 mainly 20th-century ceramics.


Brody, J.J.
Mimbres Painted Pottery
In this revised edition of his seminal work on the Mimbres of the Southwest, Brody addresses human and animal iconography, the importance of perspective and motion in Mimbres artistry and the technology used to produce the ceramics.
Casas Grandes and the Ceramic Art of the Ancient Southwest
q E78.S7 C32 2005x
Published in conjunction with the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, Apr. 2-June 18, 2006.
Chalmers, Meg
The Saturday Evening Girls: Paul Revere Pottery
q NK4210.P37 C45 2005
Crawford, Gail
Studio Ceramics in Canada, 1920-2005
NK4029.C73 2005
Cultural historian Gail Crawford presents the full story of the ceramist's art in Canada, examining the growth of ceramics as a studio art, from its tentative beginnings after the First World War to the dynamism and diversity of today.
Gray, Pamela Lee
Ohio Valley Pottery Towns
HD9611.7.A16 G72 2002x
Part of the Images of America collection of local histories. See also Museum of Ceramics, East Liverpool, Ohio.
Hewitt, Mark
The Potter's Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery
In a lavishly illustrated celebration of that tradition, Mark Hewitt and Nancy Sweezy trace the history of North Carolina pottery from the nineteenth century to the present day. This was the catalog of an exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art.
Klausner, Amos
Heath Ceramics: The Complexity of Simplicity
Durable, honest, handsome, and much collected, Heath tableware and tiles are still made according to the artisanal tradition that Edith Heath conceived in the mid-1940s, when she founded the Heath Ceramics company in Sausalito, California.
Talking with the Turners: Conversations with Southern Folk Potters
NK4011.T35 2006
"Thematic excerpts transcribed from interviews taped in the field in 1981 and preserved in the Folklife Resource Center of the McKissick Museum of the University of South Carolina with introductory and concluding essays, complementary photography, and a CD recording of the potters' voices."


Eliens, Titus M.
Pablo Picasso Keramiek
NK4210.P5 E45 2006


Carswell, John
Iznik Pottery
NK4340.I9 C37 2007x
The Iznik style of the Turkish Ottoman Empire is characterized by cobalt blue, turquoise, olive green, magenta and red floral designs. Carswell chronologically discusses the genesis of Iznik pottery-- from its roots in Islamic geometric tile design to its influence by Chinese blue and white porcelain, its appearance at the collapse of the Empire, and the subsequent trade and reproduction of it in international and modern markets.
Crueger, Anneliese
Modern Japanese Ceramics: Pathways of Innovation & Tradition
NK4167.C7813 2007
You can use this book as a guide to select and visit potters on an artistic tour of Japan. Organized geographically, it goes from kiln to kiln-- which in Japan may refer to a lone site or an entire ceramics region that contains hundreds of workshops. Along the way, the authors outline the history, development, and unique stylistic characteristics of each area's work, and the traditions that inspired it.
Earle, Joe
Contemporary Clay: Japanese Ceramics for the New Century
NK4167.7.E37 2006
Published in conjunction with the exhibition "Contemporary clay: Japanese ceramics for the new century," organized by the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, from October 7, 2005, to July 9, 2006.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Raqqa Revisited: Ceramics of Ayyubid Syria
q NK4289.M48 2006
Marilyn Jenkins-Madina, Curator Emerita of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum, describes the dramatic journey of these ceramics from their discovery in the medieval city of Raqqa, Syria, to the emporiums of Paris and New York, the drawing rooms of the great collectors, and the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum.
Museum Nasional (Indonesia)
Icons of Art: The Collections of the National Museum of Indonesia
q N7326.M87 2007x
Pancaroglu, Oya
Perpetual Glory: Medieval Islamic Ceramics from the Harvey B. Plotnick Collection
q NK3880.P36 2007
Catalog of the exhibition held at the Art Institute of Chicago, Mar. 31-Oct. 28, 2007.
Pitelka, Morgan
Handmade Culture: Raku Potters, Patrons, and Tea Practitioners in Japan
NK4340.R3 P57 2005
Pitelka (Asian studies, Occidental College) reviews the history and culture of tea ceramics in the Japanese arts and pottery tradition of Raku, since the late sixteenth century.
Rotondo-McCord, Lisa E.
Five Thousand Years of Chinese Ceramics from the Robin and R. Randolph Richmond, Jr. Collection
q NK4165.R68 2005x
Catalog of an exhibition held at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Feb. 12-Apr. 17, 2005.
Shippen, Mick
The Traditional Ceramics of Southeast Asia
q TP804.A728 S55 2005x
Beautiful color photographs portray traditional methods of making clay pots in Southeast Asia, in this book that emphasizes the central role of ceramics in people's lives. Shippen is a British potter who lives in Thailand.


Craft in America: A Journey to the Origins, Artists, and Techniques of American Craft
Traces the history of the craft movement in America. Profiles artisisans working in various crafts. Read more about the Craft of Clay on the Craft in America website.

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