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Appreciating the Arts

Adamson, Glenn
Thinking through Craft
N8510.A33 2007
A timely and engaging introduction to the way that artists working in all media think about craft. Workmanship is key to today's visual arts, when high 'production values' are becoming increasingly commonplace.
Beckett, Wendy
Sister Wendy's American Masterpieces
q ND210.B35 2000x
Sister Wendy Beckett combines her considerable knowledge of art history and modern art with her unique powers of observation to create an unrivaled personal anthology of over 115 of the greatest masterpieces in American painting.
Bishop, Philip E.
A Beginner's Guide to the Humanities
NX643.B58 2007
Helping you learn how to observe, enjoy, think about and feel in response to the arts, this practical beginner's guide to appreciating and experiencing culture gives you a handy introduction to the world of arts.
Carroll, Colleen
(How Artists See) Artists: Painter, Actor, Dancer, Musician
N8217.A67 C37 2001
This direct, interactive approach to art--and to the world--promotes self-exploration, self-discovery, and self-expression. As it introduces basic artistic concepts, styles, and techniques, it also provides loads of fun
Freeman, Julian
Art: A Crash Course
N5300.F65 1998x
This lighthearted look at art, from its birth on cave walls to next-millennium forms and beyond, guides readers chronologically though the long and fascinating annals of art history.
Heller, Nancy
Why a Painting Is Like a Pizza: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Modern Art
N6490.H42 2002
The emphasis on difficult and controversial works, which are compared to more traditional works, to each other, and to common things, introduces various ways of interpreting and evaluating art in the context of specific examples.
Hoving, Thomas
Art for Dummies
N7477.H68 1999x
Whether or not you know an ism from an altarpiece, Hoving will gently grasp your elbow and welcome you to the party, introducing you to everyone who's anyone and encouraging you to partake of the nourishing, sumptuous feast.
Jeffrey, Ian
How to Read a Photograph: Lessons from Master Photographers
TR183.J44 2008
Novices and experts alike will gain a deeper understanding of great photographers and their work, as essential biographical and historical background are explained. Each entry includes a concise biography along with an illuminating discussion of key works and nuggets of contextual information.
King, Ross
Art: Over 2,500 Works from Cave to Contemporary
qN5300.A688 2008x
A fluid mix of art history and interpretation set against the larger panorama of world history. Lots of brief artist bios.
Leader, Darian
Stealing the Mona Lisa: What Art Stops Us from Seeing
N72.P74 L43 2003
The book is not really about the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911. The story of the theft provides a theme for a discussion of why we find art so seductive, but ultimately frustrating.
Potts, Alex
The Sculptural Imagination: Figurative, Modernist, Minimalist
NB1142.5.P68 2000
A selective history of sculpture with an emphasis on sculpture theory and theorists from the late 18th century to the present.
Ros I Frigola, Maria Dolors
The Art & Craft of Ceramics
q TT920.R6813 2006x
Beginners eager to explore the world of ceramics, as well as experienced potters seeking new techniques and ideas, will find this colorful, technique-packed manual absolutely inspiring.
Sappington, Lynda
Sculpting 101: A Primer for the Self-taught Artist
q NB1170.S25 2008x
Lynda Sappington shares her knowledge in simple, clear language and numerous pictures how to work in water-based clay, polymer clay and professional plastilene.
Schjeldahl, Peter
Let's See: Writings on Art from the New Yorker
N7445.2.S35 2008x
In 75 exuberant essays written for the New Yorker during the past 10 years, art critic Schjeldahl covers works from antiquity to the present.
Sousa, Jean
Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces: A Guide to Looking at Art
N7477.S68 2006
An assortment of artworks is arranged into the three broad categories listed in the title, and with accessible, expert observations, pulls readers straight into the images.
Sporre, Dennis J.
Visual ArtsGuide : A Basic and Cyber Sourcebook
N345.S68 2002
This basic survey of the visual art, sculpture, decorative arts and crafts, photography and cinema- provides the fundamental principles about visual art and its media with a concise survey of Western art history.
Thompson, Jon
How to Read a Modern Painting: Understanding and Enjoying the Modern Masters
ND190.T52 2006
In this accessible, practical guide, Thompson analyses more than 200 works of modern art, describing each artist's use of media and symbolism to help the reader unlock the painting's meaning.
Tucker, Amy
Visual Literacy: Writing about Art
N7476.T83 2002
This explores the critical issues that shape the discipline of art and teaches to write about art from a variety of scholarly and rhetorical perspectives.
Uttridge, Sarah
Home Artist: Learn to Draw and Paint in 20 Easy Lessons
q N7433.H66 2007
An accessible and easy to follow course for anyone interested in developing their artisitic abilties using different types of media. The book includes projects using pencil charcoal, pastel, watercolour, acrylics, and oil paints.
Zakaras, Laura and Julia F. Lowell
Cultivating Demand for the Arts: Arts Learning, Arts Engagement, and State Arts Policy
NX705.5.U6 Z35 2008
To shed light on the decline in demand for the nonprofit arts, the authors describe what it means to cultivate demand for the arts, and discuss whether it is in the public interest to make such cultivation a higher priority than it has been in the past.