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Advanced Computer Information

Already comfortable with the web and want to do more? Here are some tools for developing some Expret Skills.

  • The Ada Project
    All resources related to women in computing: history, job links, and organizaional links.
  • Anonymizer
    Surf the web anonymously.
  • Blogger
    Learn to create your own blog, for free.
  • Driver Guide
    The most comprehensive database of device drivers on the web.
  • Free PC Tech
    "Freepctech is the next incarnation of the NOSPIN Group that has been providing FREE PC tech support since 1991. Our only intent is to assist people with their PC problems and to educate anyone wishing to learn about PCs. We will at no time charge anyone for the help we provide..."
  • Podcasting Tools
    Learn about and how to make your own podcast.
  • Tech News World
    "All Tech - All the Time" Here you will find the latest news on Web 2.0, software, tech security, and anything else having to do with IT news.
  • TechWeb Encyclopedia
    Free online encyclopedia of technical terms. Enter in your term or phrase and hit the "Look Up" button. Site returns not only a definition but pertinent information to your query.
  • W3 Schools
    Teach yourself web development for free. From beginner lever through expert: HTML, SQL, Java script and more. Follow tutorial videos, practice with online editors and follow up with quizzes to test your knowledge. Site also offers some online certifications.
  • Web Color Guide
    Read up on the theory, communication, and applicaion of colors on the web.
  • Web Style Guide
    Looking to understand the science behind designing a good web page? Start here.