My Pittsburgh: About the Project

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's (CLP) My Pittsburgh project was a system-wide series of programs that combined stories and hands-on art activities. Programs included an introduction of the concept of neighborhood pride and a discussion of local heroes or landmarks. Selected books were then read to the group followed by a discussion of the story and an art activity: drawing, painting or sculpting. The programs were designed to comply with state education standards in the Arts & Humanities, Civics & Government, Geography, History and Reading.

Imagination Builders programs are currently being offered to groups from local Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and area child care centers, afterschool programs, parochial and private schools, and youth agencies as well as to individual children and families throughout the city. Some programs are accompanied by a program modeled after My Pittsburgh with a focus on architecture and community.

Children have been listening to stories in libraries for many years. Art programs also have a long history in libraries. Combining the two and adding the opportunity to showcase the children's artwork using technology adds another dimension, enabling family and friends near and far to share each child's pride and vision. We hope that viewing the artwork will spark family and community conversations and encourage ongoing creative expression.