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The Photographers: Esther Bubley:

These two corrections to Esther Bubley's biography were courteously provided by her niece, Ms. Jean Bubley. The biography (file photog6.html) has been amended to reflect these corrections.

"I am glad that you have Esther Bubley's work and a biographical sketch on your site. I am her niece, Jean Bubley. I noticed two minor errors in the biographical information.
First, it says that she was born in Superior, Wisconsin. Many people think so, but she was actually born in Phillips, Wisconsin. She did, however, spend most of her childhood in Superior where she attended both elementary school and high school.
Second, the biography says that she went to Minneapolis to study painting, then became interested in photography. She actually became interested in photography much earlier and went to Minneapolis specifically for their one-year photography program.
Jean Bubley."

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