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The Pennsylvania Department

"All May Assist Nation-Wide Campaign
How to Spell Pittsburgh"

Patriotic Pittsburghers will assist in educating the public in the correct spelling of the name of their city. The "h" is all important, and distinguishes the Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania from other towns of the same name in various parts of the country. The report of the Chamber's Committee on Education, May 7th, 1908, published several times in Pittsburgh First, has been reprinted in folder form and may be had in large quantities by all who desire to assist in the campaign. Members of the Chamber particularly are invited to enclose the folders in their mail addressed to other cities.
The folder has been sent to the news editors of the leading daily newspapers throughout the continent asking their co-operation in the correct spelling of Pittsburgh. They will be sent a few weeks later to the heads of all the educational institutions of the country as well as the superintendents of public instruction in all the states.
Throughout all the country there has been an improvement in the spelling of Pittsburgh. "The Literary Digest," for many years an offender in this regard, has added the "h" and consistently adheres to this style. The New York Herald and Sun, in response to a request from A. H. Childs, of this city, has corrected its spelling upon the especial order of Frank A. Munsey, who asked that the same rule be applied in all Munsey publication offices. A canvass of letters received from out of town in the mail arriving at the Chamber of Commerce over a period of six consecutive days showed 73 letters out of 100 correctly spelled. In another lot of 100 letters from out of town, received in one day's mail, the score was 77 correct; 23 without the "h."
The folders will be sent postpaid upon request to the Secretary. They fit the ordinary envelope and may be folded with a letter.

Reprinted from Pittsburgh First, 23 July 1921.

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