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Read-Alikes for Sister by Rosamund Lupton

If you liked the themes in Sister, try these:


Case Histories

Three cold cases are solved revealing uncanny interconnectedness.



A gripping story told by the daughter of a midwife who is on trial after a birth goes horrifically wrong.


Daddy's Little Girl

At seven years old, Ellie was instrumental in the conviction of her 15 year old sister's murderer. During 22 years in prison he insisted he was innocent and now he's being released on parole. Ellie is still convinced the right man went to jail, but could she be wrong?


Faithful Place

Young Frank Mackey planned to run away with his sweetheart to escape Dublin's impoverished inner city for a new life in London. When she didn't show up the night they planned to leave, he believed she went ahead without him. Twenty-two years later, her suitcase shows up and he must find out the truth.


We Have Always Lived in the Castle

This witty and dark 1962 novel is set at Blackwood House, scene of a mysterious family death. The surviving sisters have constructed strange rituals to create a sense of protection from the outside world, and are challenged by a visit from their cousin Charles.


The Thirteenth Tale

Like Sister, this suspenseful, literary novel is written by a British female author, features a twist at the end, and a narrator whose mission is to solve the puzzle of another woman's life.